I got my G1 to get/send mail from MS Exchange 07.

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  1. Frazster

    Frazster Member

    Well, My IT got it to work anyway. Not sure how he did it, but it took awhile.

    Anyone else get it to work?

    The email interface kinda sucks, but it works without an app.

  2. Ricom69

    Ricom69 New Member

    I hope you can find out from your IT person how he\she got it to work. please post any info.
  3. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    Really now?

    You have push/pull email, contacts, and calendar/events?

    I don't want to seem pessimistic, but it seems kinda crazy that your IT guy would be able to do this.
  4. Frazster

    Frazster Member

    I will talk to him about it today and post it.

    I don't understand the push/pull thing. I can tell you it uses imap not pop3 and when I read/delete an email on my phone, that email shows unread on my outlook.

    He didn't do anything to my phone, I just went through the email set up and when it didn't work, he would change settings on the mail server till it worked.

    So yeah. I will ask him and post it.
  5. Frazster

    Frazster Member

    Ok, he said all he did was open some ports on the fire wall. Did nothing on exchange server.

    What I get on my phone.
    All outlook folders including contacts and calender, but nothing will show up in calender or contacts folder.

    When I send an email from that account on my phone it looks like it came from me, but if you look in the 'View>options...' of that email, says it was sent from email.android.com (Message-ID: <ckkc8tmkacsg.127757@email.android.com>), not from my mail server.

    Today, I'm getting email on my phone, but have sent some out (just to test) more then 30 min ago and they haven't arrived yet. Don't know what's up. They are sitting in the Outbox folder.

    Changed my outgoing security settings from SSL to TSL. Now email is going out and shows it coming from my email server.
  6. k1ngdav1d

    k1ngdav1d Member

  7. Clintre

    Clintre Member

    You can also use TouchDown ( http://www.nitrodesk.com/dk_touchdownFeatures.aspx ) although not push at the moment, it works very well. I use it for my work's Exchange server. Very active development as well. The Moxier app look like it may be good as well once it is out.
  8. 2ToNIc

    2ToNIc New Member

    yeah i work at tmobile and when someone asks about syncing the G1 with outlook we just tell them about touchdown. i only seen one person with touchdown, and he said it was working fine.

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