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i have a assurance wireless "virgin mobile" question

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    I have a "non android" phone a lg200 from assurance wireless aka:virgin mobile and i receive because i am legally disabled and is a good phone but i want to upgrade so i e-mail virgin mobile and assurance wireless about

    "will a android phone work on assurance wireless because my lg 200 that i have current is good but limited"

    and they reply back with mixes message "VM say NO" and "AW say yes/maybe"

    but also VM also said that because is 3G that is will not working with assurance wireless but i think is possible because i just want a better phone that have more feature that the lg 200 so help me out

  2. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    you reailly need to talk to assurance wireless about iyt they may activate aVM phone try an optimus v good phone for the price
  3. JWPRunner

    JWPRunner New Member

  4. tdawg1978

    tdawg1978 Member

    I know "old Thread" But could a LG L70 work with AW? Just need to unlock and yes a AW SIM Micro.
    I don't see why it not would. And if get the AW data plan I think a smartphone should work all the way.
  5. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    Assurance Wireless runs on Sprint's CDMA network, which doesn't use SIMs. They will only allow you to activate and use their basic phone or a Virgin Mobile "PayLo" phone.
  6. tdawg1978

    tdawg1978 Member

    Oh forgot about that. phone has wcdma. hmmmm.

    Any government phone programs that do use SIMs?
  7. sirrx7

    sirrx7 Well-Known Member

    A senior citizen neighbor of mine asked me to do a bit of research for her so I think I can share a bit of info.
    Assurance Wireless is through Virgin Mobile (Sprint). You can use the free phone they send you or you can buy a Paylo phone from the VM site.

    As for using a SIM...
    Safelink uses Tracphone (AT&T). You'll get a sim for it BUT the sim is locked in to that phone. You cannot use the sim in another phone like an Android phone. You can try but everything I've read says that the service will only work in a non smart tracphone.

    She says she had trouble with the safelink phone her friend had because her eyesight isn't what it once was so I ordered her a LG Aspire from VM's Paylo. We should be able to transfer the assurance service to that so hopefully with a bigger dialer she should be OK. I just wish they would offer the jitterbug type phones on these government subsidized plans. Our seniors are the ones in need of these phones but they can't use them because they're too small to see and the keys are difficult to press with arthritic hands.

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