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  1. mjnoles1

    mjnoles1 Well-Known Member

    It is time for a upgrade and I am thinking about going with the Samsung Moment to replace my Blackberry.

    I do have a couple of questions for you Moment owners.

    1) Can this phone by used as a business oriented phone (I am coming from the no non-sense blackberry)? I read this is a heck of a phone but I also read it is more a fun phone then a business phone. What is your thoughts as I am not just looking for a toy, but I am also looking for a phone that will be great for business use.

    2) I heard that the Android 2.1 will be available for the Samsung Moment around Feb 22nd. My questions is, if an "update" is available for the Moment the 22nd of Feb, then when will the phone come out with the Android 2.1 pre-installed into the phone from brand new? I rather get the phone with the latest Android 2.1 already pre-installed when I purchase it.

    3) What is the deal with outlook? I read somewhere that it is not really compatible with this phone as I will be using outlooks calander and would like it to show up on my phone as well.

    4) What did get me to go the no non-sense blackberry route is that I used to have the Palm Treo's and with all the gadgets on those phones back in the day, there was sooooooo many software glitches that I just couldnt take it anymore. I am looking for a reliable phone that will not give me issues. Does this phone have any issues of freezing, not working correctly, or any software glitches with all this technology built in? I know the Samsung Moment had a battery issue that was supposedly resolved with the CL14 software upgrade. Any other issues that should be of concern?

    5) I read everywhere about the fantastic voice quality of this phone (which is important as a business phone). But, how is the signal strength compared to other Sprint phones? I have not read much on that.

    6) Also, I know the Blackberry there is a premium you have to pay above the rate you pay for your Sprint service, just to use the blackberry. What is the monthly charge that is over and above the regular sprint bill to just own the Moment? I need the internet, unlimited text, and the sprint navigation and I am on a family plan. If that helps answering this question. Will I save money monthly from going from the Blackberry to the Moment or will it increase?

  2. itmike

    itmike Well-Known Member

    1) If you put the time in to get the phone set up, and buy a few apps the phone will do both better than the blackberry, imho. I don't really get the "Business" or "Fun" phone. Blackberry's can be fun too. (I know this is the android forums, so we'll pretend I didn't just say that last line.) A truly good phone will do both aspects well. Which I do all my appointments, emails (non-exchange), and calendar management from my phone.

    2) If you wait until after the update is released make sure the store shows you that it is 2.1 before leaving. If a particular store has leftover stock they will still have to sell those and I doubt they update them especially if it is a third party retailer.

    3) They are apps on the market that do outlook sync but that will cost you. gSyncit will do what you are asking of it but you are going to be paying $15 for the app.

    4) Not unless you get a lemon.

    5) I work in a building that gets terrible reception and this performs well as my old Centro in signal which was decent.

    6) I sell the sprint service through Radioshack. There is no difference in the plan on either phone. For a family plan 1500 min for landlines and roaming calls, anytime any mobile (free calls to any cell phone regardless of carrier anytime), unlimited txt, unlimited data, navigation, and a few other perks (NFL, Nascar, Sprint TV and etc.) for 129.99 month covering two phones and 20 bucks a line for 3-5. The only difference between the moment on the plan is the plan code I assign you setting you up. Though you being the customer you wouldn't even realize it.

    A little extra tidbit. If you want something that is going to work out of the box go with the the new curve or the tour. Though if you want something that ultimately be more powerful and customizable go with the moment. It's just going to require a little bit more tinkering than the blackberry.
  3. crumbkake

    crumbkake Member

    I think you have to keep in mind that a Google phone wants to use gmail calendar for sync purposes, which is what it does right out of the box. That being said, you do not necessarily have to go the route of semi-expensive software ;) How to Sync your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar and Android Phone Calendar | Android Tapp. Android App Reviews.
  4. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    it can randomly go into Airplane mode.. http://androidforums.com/samsung-moment/14206-phone-enters-airplane-mode-random.html it has been reported to still occur even after the CL14
  5. mjnoles1

    mjnoles1 Well-Known Member

    This is exactly what I am asking about. Thank you so much for that information. I am not looking for a software glitchy phone. I am looking for the stability with no issues like I had with my Blackberry and I am concern to get back into a gadget oriented phone because of my past Palm 650 and Palm 700wx which was so horrible which is the reason I gave up on these fancy phones with all the toys in them. Because my thought was the more toys in the phone the more issues that could occur. So, again I thank you for that information.

    Any other software glitches that I should be aware of?
  6. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    Considering how poorly Samsung an
    d Sprint have handled the only update for this phone, I can no longer in good concience recommend this phone. Possibly after the 2.1 upgrade and if the airplane mode issue is fixed I might change my mind. As it stands, if you need a phone now look elsewhere or wait out 2.1 and see if Samsung will fix things and let the phone live up to its spec.
  7. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    double post...but how?
  8. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member

    Actually, the phone is a great business phone out of the box. It already has built-in Outlook sync which syncs your contacts, mail and calendar. You choose if you want to use gmail or outlook calendar/contacts as the default.

    I've had my phone since beginning of January and it's only gone into the airplane mode twice and it's easy to resolve. I believe that it may be resolved when the 2.1 android comes out (2Q 2010, NOT Feb 22) because the 1.5 was originally not designed with CDMA in mind so ours is a modified version.

    I'm on the family plan with 1500 minutes, free mobile to mobile, unlimited internet, text, mms, etc. with three lines and it's costing me about $150 per month.

    I have no complaints about the phone or service and I'm certain that if you tally up the number of units sold versus the number of people complaining, you're going to see a very tiny fraction of the users are unhappy.
  9. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    Yeah. What he said.

    All in all, it's a nice phone with a lot of versatility for whatever it is you need it to do. It can virtually do anything given it has almost unlimited resources with the Android market.

    Is the phone buggy? Certainly, like he said above, it's running a modified 1.5 version of Android, which by default, isn't meant to run on CDMA phones. The 2.1 upgrade however, is.

    If I were you I'd wait til the 2.1 upgrade comes out. Then I'd read around the forums and gather more information and then make a decision.

    Good luck!
  10. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    I alos have to say the phones syncs quite well with my work contacts in outlook as well as my calendar and contacts from work. 2.1 will be a plus. The everything plan is just that so no worries there. Overall I believe it is still a gret phone. All phones have bug issues. Sprint and Samsung haven't handled the phone the best way but so cases are worse than others and some have no issues. I say go for it or wait for 2.1 just to be safe. Only you can really decide.
  11. vanstrien

    vanstrien Member

    I'd agree with Othan and infamousjax. So far the phone has been very good for me as a work phone. Its been equally good, if not better, as a fun phone.

    My phone syncs both with my personal email hosted at google and my work mail which is an Internet facing Exchange server. Be forewarned that Moxier mail, the Exchange client, doesn't appear to implement domain policy, and therefore your company might not want you to use it. For example my company has a policy that requires a PIN on all Blackberry and Winmo phones. That doesn't appear to be enforced here. I'm still looking for confirmation of remote wiping of email based on domain policy. (in case you lose your phone they can trigger a remote wipe of your email.)

    I sync over the air my outlook email, calendar and tasks. I'm not sure about syncing outlook notes as I use Evernote.

    You'll probably also want something like CalWidget so you can see your calendar without having to go into the calendar.

    The sentiments of pastafarian and other folks who weren't happy with the update don't quite make sense to me as my phone came with the latest update and works well. The battery was an issue as it didn't last a whole day, but tried a custom rom that fixed that.
  12. mjnoles1

    mjnoles1 Well-Known Member

    So, yours came with the latest software "CL14" and you still had battery issues with it not lasting a whole day of use?
  13. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    My phone still goes into random radio lockout mode about 4 times a week regularly. On a whole, I'd say this is a good phone, but it's not the best. If you need a business phone straight out of the box, I'm not sure I can say that this is the best option. I look at this phone as more or less the techy phone that Sprint has to offer at the Moment. (Pun. Ha.)
  14. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    Nice originality on the pun.

    I assume you're speaking of the airplane mode bug as your radio lockout problem should definetely be fixed with the 2.1 upgrade.

    Even after the update the battery still was kind of shortcoming for me, but with a little help from the android market this can be overcome with NECESSARY apps:

    - Task killer (I use Advanced Task Killer for "on the fly" task killing and Task Cleaner Pro to close unwanted tasks when my screen goes to sleep (this helps A LOT with battery life!!)

    - setcpu - This app was made for overclocking, but I don't use it for that. I actually use it to UNDERCLOCK my processor when the phone is sleeping so it doesn't eat up as much battery. It works wonders.

    - Quick settings - allows me to toggle on or off wifi/gps/bluetooth. I always leave my wifi on since it doesn't use much battery unless its searching for a connection or transmitting data. GPS and bluetooth should always be off unless your using it though since they are mega drainers.

    With these things combined and maybe even a custom ROM if you really want optimized battery/speed/performance the moment is a top contender for android phones anywhere. I can't imagine what the 2.1 upgrade will have in store for it.

    So like I said, use these tools and you can make it a formidable strictly business phone if need be or a casual web browsing texter.

    Oh yeah, the sound quality is top notch as well... better than any other phone I've owned.
  15. vanstrien

    vanstrien Member

    Mine came with CL14 and my battery life still was crap. My first few days I was lucky for the phone to last from 5am until 6pm. Generally I would use the app market a bit with wifi turned on for a few minutes at a time. No GPS. Etc. I stretched that to 9pm several times. As soon as I used Zefie's kernel (10.2) my battery lasted considerably longer. Still not great but it would take me through part of the next day. The hour of tv I watched yesterday using bluetooth headphones it sucked the life from my battery down to just a few hours. My Tilt would have let me watch TV and get at least a day's life as well.

    I agree with infamousjax on the Quick Settings. Beautiful Home has some useful widgets that do much the same too. Also I've started to use Settings Profiles to control brightness, wifi, etc during different hours of the day. I disagree completely on Task Killer. My battery life has never been helped by using or not using Task Killer - I agree with the reports that Android does a superior job suspending background applications and Task Killer just gets in the way.
  16. sjenovai

    sjenovai Member

    You asked if there was a cost difference - At least with Sprint, there is.
    There are two types of Blackberry service:

    BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) - included with Data Plan
    BES (Blackberry Enterprise Service) - $30 additional on top of Data Plan

    If you need to sync your Blackberry to the office for mail, calendar, etc., you must pay for the BES service (or purchase an application that emulates Windows Active Sync ~ $100). If you only need email, BIS will allow this, as long as your company is running Outlook Web Access (OWA).

    If you are using Android, Palm, iPhone or smartphone, these will sync natively - including calendar, contacts, task lists, etc. - without the extra $30 per month (you still need the data plan). I have configured all of the above, including Blackberrys to sync with Exchange/Outlook. The Blackberry is the most complicated to configure.

    Check with your IT department regarding phone policies first - just because a phone CAN sync, doesn't mean that it will be allowed to.

    I recently renewed my contract with Sprint, and was able to replace two phones at a substantial discount. Initially I got a Blackberry Tour for myself, and a Palm Pixie (horrible phone!) for my wife. I had been using a Windows Smartphone (Motorola Q9C) that I had been quite happy with.

    When I spoke with the Sales rep, I explained that we had a BES server, and I needed to make sure that the data plan would allow me to connect for no extra $. "Oh Yes!!!" I was told. After spending a few frustrating days trying to configure the phone and enlisting Sprint's useless help, I happened to Google upon the BES/BIS difference. Asking the right question to Sprint "Do I have the BIS, and not the BES plan?" revealed the answer - BIS. But for only $30 more I could upgrade to BES. Yeah-- right!

    I decided to return the Pixie, give the Blackberry to my wife ( who did not need BES ) and ordered a Moment. I like my Moment - a lot! and do not regret not getting a Blackberry for myself. It syncs flawlessly to my office, and has many features and functions that I like a lot...BUT...

    Battery life is still my biggest problem. I could live with the occasional CMDA lock-ups and other phone quicks - even Blackberry has it's quirks. There are those that say that they get 24-48 hours of use from their moment - I still get about 6-8 - even with doing all the techie things like flashing to the latest zefie custom kernal, and doing my own CL14 upgrade. I suspect its that I am just running too many apps and will be paring those down.

    As far a a business phone - it depends. If you cannot charge your phone at least once or twice a day - I would stay away from the Moment. My Blackberry will go 2-3 days between charges.

    In terms of email, calendar, contacts - both are very similar - except it will cost you $30 more a month for BES. You may also want to purchase DocsToGo for the android ($15-30). It is included on the blackberry. I personally prefer the calendar on the Moment.

    In terms of applications, both have a lot to choose from. Blackberry seems to be more expensive on application prices, with far fewer excellent free apps.

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