I have a Crashed Behold 2 and I need Help to recover it!!!!Support

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  1. ebonieaware

    ebonieaware New Member

    My Behold 2 crashed and now when I try and to turn it on it doesnt do anything it just sits on the samsung behold II screen nothing happens its been sitting like this for days and nothing happens, I tried to do a hard reset by pushing down volume button and the the call and end button nothing happens it just sits on the samsung behold II black screen. Can someone please help me on how to fix this or root it or something please help.

  2. acseazzu

    acseazzu Well-Known Member

    Have you flashed any rom's or any thing? Have you updated it?
  3. ebonieaware

    ebonieaware New Member

    I tried to root it but now its not coming on AT ALL like it jus continuously sits on the black samsung behold II screen. Is there any way I can fix this?
  4. jyfairyland

    jyfairyland Member

  5. ebonieaware

    ebonieaware New Member

    I dont know how to download it on my phone (I guess I don't understand how to) any step by step?
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  6. jyfairyland

    jyfairyland Member

    here is step by step, download adb driver for behold 2 ,odin, and BH_MAN Galaxy R12

    1. Open up Odin Multi Download
    2. Under Select OPS, choose Behold2_partition.ops
    3. Click PDA, choose the PDA File you are Trying to Flash BH_MAN Galaxy R12
    4. Power Off Phone
    5. Make sure you have it connected via USB
    6. Hold and Press Volume Down, OK, Power (the red end button)
    7. Phone will say Download Mode
    8. Click Start on Odin Multi Downloader.
    9. Wait a couple of minutes

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