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i have accidently deleted all files and folders off 4gig sd card

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  1. adam010

    adam010 Member

    hello im new here and my first htc phone.
    well i accidently deleted all the contents of my 4gig micro sd card that came with my htc desire mobile.
    all pre-installed folders that were on there are all gone.
    please help need them back

  2. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can.
  3. adam010

    adam010 Member

    i took the card out and put it in my card reader and went to format another hard drive and accidently formatted the 4 gig phone sd card
  4. DanC

    DanC Active Member

    You can format the card through the phone itself by going:
    Setting -> SD & phone storate -> Unmount SD card -> Format SD card.

    I'd imagine the phone will auto-create all the folders it needs to operate either way.

    If you were looking to get personal files back that you deleted, then I think you're out of luck.
  5. adam010

    adam010 Member

    so if i do that will i get all the foldres back (ie) dcim and the others
  6. DanC

    DanC Active Member

    Yeah, I formatted my card through the phone and all the folders were there.
  7. adam010

    adam010 Member

    yeah done that but only 2 files appeared called footprints and lost dir ,no dcim folder so i can put videos in
  8. DanC

    DanC Active Member

    Try recording a video/taking a picture using the phones camera. It should create the folders as and when it needs them.
  9. adam010

    adam010 Member

    yeah mate all back what a star

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