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  1. syakir

    syakir New Member

    I just bought acer liquid metal a few weeks ago,and I only manage to download a few apps only bcoz of the low internal storage.I've used the Link2sd but it still have low memory.does anyone know how to solve this problem?

  2. michaelkenward

    michaelkenward Well-Known Member

    Same issue with Liquid Express. But that is because it came from Orange, bundled with a pile of junk. (One day I will work out how to root and clear out.)

    I use App2SD to move stuff to the SD card. But only same apps support it.
  3. Shreelekha

    Shreelekha New Member

    Tried removing data from the applications,gives more storage,but apps go to basics again. Is it possible to uninstall spinlets and other applications which I know nothing about? Will I lose contact information if I delete data from contacts?
  4. stu1318

    stu1318 New Member

    would like to know how to do this aswell keep getting the same low on space,,,,,,,,a pain in the arse:mad:
  5. BlaZeX

    BlaZeX New Member

    I was having this trouble for like months but I manage to root my phone and installed a custom ROM ;)

    Rooting the phone allowed me to use the SD Card memory to install apps :)

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