I have AT&T, unlimited messaging, and no data plan. How can I get MMS working on my Defy? =(

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  1. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    I have a Defy that's rooted, first off.. I've tried APNDroid, switched APN settings around, and no avail.

    I have no data plan, but want to have 3G for messages and call coverage.

    How can I set it up to send/receive MMS without ever touching mobile data or pushing data services?

    Thanks all!

  2. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member


    erm you cant, you'll need to call your provider and see if they can add it onto your account, i dont believe there is anyway of having 3G otherwise, on a side note 3G shouldnt have much to do with your call coverage directly, all you need to be worried about where thats concerned is signal strength.

    As for sending MMS, again you'd need to call your provider, and they should offer it separatly to data plans, eg on my contract i have unlimited data usage and an allowance of 50 picture messages, as for receiving them i.e 'downloading' the MMS contents yes you will need data usage for that.
  3. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    I guess I should clarify, I have no mobile data plan, but my plan does have unlimited messaging and MMS included.

    Picture messaging worked on my Nokia X6 just weeks ago, and worked on the Defy before I changed my APN to disable mobile data.

    I just want to be able to send and receive MMS, without having settings that allow other applications to push mobile data. This has to be possible..?
  4. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    Anyone ?

    My family's plan is (I believe) 2100 minutes with unlimited messaging, which includes MMS. We do not have any data plan (pay-per-MB), but I want to get my MMS working.

    Can anyone help me ?
  5. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    It was always my understanding that "data" is a requirement for MMS (not so for SMS). Have you contacted AT&T to determine requirements?
  6. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    It may use data, but we don't have any mobile internet on our plan. We do have picture messaging, because the other three phones (AT&T phones) are able to send and receive.

    I might give AT&T a call.. will they care about me using a non-AT&T phone ?
  7. Without data no MMS sorry
  8. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    So how were phones capable of picture messaging before mobile internet became popular ? There has to be a way to set up the APN such that the MMS are enabled but mobile data is not..
  9. tlsmith0

    tlsmith0 New Member

    I am using Mytouch slide t-mobile phone with ATT. My picture messaging won't work. I contacted ATT as to why. The answer I got was that this is built into the phone and won't work with ATT. They told me there was no way to fix it. Does anyone know any more about this?
    Would rooting have any effect on this issue?
  10. FamousABN

    FamousABN New Member

    Hey guys I know this is kind of off topic, but I'am making a switch from an iphone 4 to a unlocked tmobile DEFY. I will use the phone on at&t. I am just wanting to know if yall are being charged for data plans on at&t. I didn't have a data plan for my iphone ( I didnt buy it from them so I wouldnt have to sign a two year contract and pay 25/month for internet, but their system keeps picking up that I am on an iphone and they put me on the 25 data plan) so do yall have data plans on at&t for your DEFY/mytouch or do yall know if it will automatically put one on my account? Also what kind of data plan do yall have on your DEFY/mytouch for at&t. thanks
  11. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    I want to bump this again... any new insight?

    I feel like it has to be possible, with APNDroid hinting at restoring MMS after data is turned off / tricked ?
  12. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Member

    Have you tried copied the mms apn settings from the nokia phone to defy? In my case (not at&t) there are 2 apns, one for mms, another for data.
  13. pcdocta

    pcdocta Member

    hey did you ever get it working? all you have to do is create a new APN with these settings only and exactly: leave every thing else blank.

    NAME: AT&T
    APN: wap.cingular
    MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS PROXY: wireless.cingular.com
    MMS PORT: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    APN TYPE: mms

    by placing the 3 letters mms in the APN type you will notice that after you save it it is not a selectable APN but its still there and its active. Try that. I have also a motorola DEFY and am using H2O wireless prepaid that comes now with a 100MB/month data plan and unlimited mms. They use AT&T's network and at 49.99/month no taxes, thats pretty good. Also I reflashed my phone out of t-mobiles band to match what AT&T uses and I get 3G and H speeds. H is AT&T's HSDPA high speed network. The H is what is considered to be 3.5G. It's faster than 3G. This phone doesnt even accomplish this on tmobile's network which this phone was designed for. LOL
  14. Screech

    Screech Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm thinking of getting this phone or maybe waiting for the the defy+ for my wife. She has no dataplan but like you we have the unlimited family messaging plan (now with unlimited mobile to mobile). First you don't need a dataplan for MMS, but you need a data connection. Any traffic to/from the MMS address is not counted against you on the monthly bill. The problem is that the many apps on Android will attempt to connect from random reasons. I'm thinking I want a firewall on the cell connection network interface that I block all traffic on, and only have rules to allow traffic to the MMS and other required traffic that any non-smart phone requires for day to day use. I'm use to setting up iptables on my Linux box. Of course I can't discuss this with AT&T as they will hear Android and say the smartphone dataplan is required, even if I were to leave the data connection off all the time and only use data on WiFi.

    Any insight to this phone with regard to how I want to use it would be great.
  15. pcdocta

    pcdocta Member

    did you read my post above yours? it should still do what you want where mms and no data plan is concerned.
  16. Iletone2

    Iletone2 Member

    What do I put in to make my texts work? when I got the GT-N7000 the Data, outgoing messages and MMS did not work.. now MMS works thanks you all, and incoming texts work and data H... now I cant figure out why my outgoing texts dont work.. AT&T acts like they cant help me since i didnt buy from themm so can someone help I need my texts thanks! :)

  17. jd5150

    jd5150 Active Member

    you need to have data enabled to send and get picture messages. they cant be recieved without it. if you have a picture message allowance then is shouldnt affect any data usage you may incur while sending them and recieving them is free anyway.
  18. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Yep. You don't need to pay for a data tariff,

    but you do need to enable data on your phone (3g). Go in settings for that.

    You've already paid for one kind of data service anyway (MMS).

    MMS is an internet gateway so if you're phone doesn't have the APN settings* for MMS, go on your carrier website or call them & they can send you MMS settings by text (or go in their shop). Then make sure you have 3g enabled on your phone.

    If there's no text message centre number in your settings then again, get your carrier to send them.
  19. mkutsman

    mkutsman Member

    Without data plan on tmobile, with unlimited text plan, mms works fine without any extra data charges as long as mobile data is enabled on the phone and apn settings are correct. If mobile data is always on, to avoid possible data charges from phone auto syncing, accidential internet access and what not, you can call tmobile to have them block all "per use data" on any line on your account and mms will still work. That did it on nexus4 and I did not need to modify apn settings at all since I bought the phone.

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