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  1. abbykitty

    abbykitty Member

    I don't know, thought it was strange I wasn't getting an alert for the emails I was receiving. I know I got rid of gmail app and I only have the stock app with my pop email. But started playing around to see why I wasn't getting alert sounds and noticed I can't get text sound or my ringtone....vibrating only~ I have checked the settings, shut the phone down and started again. What am I missing?? Even when I am in to change my ringtone and hit the ringtone it doesn't play.

  2. abbykitty

    abbykitty Member

    I restarted the phone instead of shutting down and got my sounds back!!! I hope this is not a problem.

    Today I got a call and could only hear for a second, looked at my phone and it was on the att white screen rethink possibility, phone continued to load and my phone rang again, still couldn't hear and then I ended up calling the person and everything was fine!!!
  3. rmreid

    rmreid Well-Known Member

    Did you go into setting, sound and volume and maybe adjust your notification volumes?
    However I do agree that the alert volumes on the Inspire are not very loud, based on a tip from a member on here I ended up downloading a free app Zedge from the android market and it helped on the ring tones that you can use for email, text, phone alert sounds downloaded from Zedge.
    Hopefully HTC comes out with a fix soon for the ringtone volume
  4. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    I wonder how many people have complained directly to HTC about this issue. I think we need to flood them with emails. LOL This is why I want to get rid of this phone and go back to blackberry what good is a phone if you can't hear it ring?
  5. fumble

    fumble New Member

    Has anyone found a resolution to this problem? I'm not getting any sound from my device -- no ringer, notifications or dial tones -- regardless of my settings. I can hear other callers just fine, however.

    I've restarted, done a soft reset and a hard reset on my Inspire, to no avail. I do notice than when I have incoming calls, a message pops-up saying "mute on." But my media and ringtone volume is on max when I check my settings.


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