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I have the LG Marquee unrooted thanks to BOOST update...

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  1. Nooski

    Nooski Well-Known Member

    and this is what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to install that new ROM but I can't because I can't follow the instructions you guys post

    " Boot into ClockWorkMod" Clockwork mod what? Recovery? ROM Manager? Sorry if I come off as an ass but having an unrooted phone sucks.

    So now I have to downgrade my phone to factory stock but I read this link


    He's not making sense. He says the download link to KDZ update is in the bottom but it leads to another forum. Why can't he just post the direct download link?

    EDIT: After 2 hours of downloading and updating and rebooting, I finally have the CTMOD with HyperKernel. But now MMS doesn't work.

  2. tombob

    tombob Well-Known Member

  3. Nooski

    Nooski Well-Known Member

    Can anyone help me?

    SW Version = LG855ZVC
    Build = CTMod 3.6.5
    Kernel = (HyperKernel?)
    Baseband= LG855ZV4 blah blah blah
    Android Version = 2.3.4

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