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  1. hanafi_saad

    hanafi_saad New Member

    i have Acer beTouch E110

    I hope to install this program igo ( i have 2 file ) file :
    folder iGO

    1-copy the folder to card memory
    2- When installing the program

    Come a message Not enough space

    my question now ( how install apps in external memory " memory card ) ?

    than you

  2. artee

    artee Member

    It's not possible on android 1.5 to install on the memory card, so you'll have to delete some apps to make space for this one...
  3. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    partion sd card ..move apps to sd card...do with care..google first
  4. hanafi_saad

    hanafi_saad New Member

    Thank you and hope in the installation this program igo
  5. hanafi_saad

    hanafi_saad New Member

    I wish more details
  6. heyvinzhere

    heyvinzhere Member

    how to do partition?
    which app to be used?
    nd which recovery rom?
  7. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    sorry couldnt get it right.. got messed up...think it is possible wit foryo only..or you need a custom rom..clockworkmod crashes...

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