I just bought a brand new spare!!!General

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  1. crystalship1

    crystalship1 Member

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  2. ticojpunk

    ticojpunk Active Member

    I have a Galaxy S3 now, but i still use my Optimus V as a cloud music player in the house. Even next to the GS3, the OV still feels like a tough little brick. Makes a great media player, and the price is certainly right.
  3. bac22

    bac22 Well-Known Member

    Boy this is tempting, really like my V but admit I would like to upgrade to something faster...still...can't beat the $25 grandfather plan! Only 5 left though, so I suspect they'll be gone soon.
  4. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    They are still available on Amazon for $50.

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