I just dropped my droid in the toilet, ugh

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  1. Decus22

    Decus22 Well-Known Member

    Wow if your not kidding around you should go sit in the corner by yourself until you grow a sense of humor!

  2. refuzeandrezizt

    refuzeandrezizt Well-Known Member

    Something smells like s**t in here!! LMAO.

    Even though this was a joke, there is still useful info in the thread man, lighten up a little :)
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  3. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    haha, none the less the thread is actually useful.. should someone drop their phone in the toilet, they might come to these forums n search just that. Guess Wat they will find? This thread! With a few ideas to try. I don't consider that a waste of time. And I certainly don't consider it "spam". Just my .02. Reporting seems a bit harsh. How bout reporting all the people that start a 2.1 thread everyday. By definition I believe that has a better chance of being considered spam. N BTW, april fools day comes once a year. why not enjoy it with the community. lol
  4. Droid.eris

    Droid.eris Well-Known Member

    Yall are ridiculous But i go the best story about my brother he is a member on here to his screen name is xandman96

    Well we went to a party and we had already put our swim trunks on and i was txtin and he was txtin he always puts his phone in his pocket and this turned out to be a bad thing this time we get out the car and the first thing we do is go swimin. so we swim around for about 30min and he finally notices that his Brand New MOTO ZINE yes the one with the Really good camera and dual flash that cost more then the droid had drowned and burned out the sim card with it lol
  5. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    You don't believe me that this thread is just breeding more spam and such--which we already have more than enough of in the HTC Incredible board alone. Look at the the other posts which came about:
    Not useful. Has nothing to add to the discussion. What does OJ and breakfast have to do with an electronic device being dropped in the toilet? So anyone who wants to argue that this is a potentially "useful" thread, wrong.
    And this, this is a shit joke--literally--so there is a relation to the topic title, but nothing pertaining to a resolution of any sort.

    It doesn't matter if it's April Fool's day or not, there has to be less spam here because it has gotten out of hand. I'm all for jokes, but they should be played in the real world: Vaseline on the doorknob; unscrewing the sale/pepper shakers; shaking up soda/beer can/bottles and giving it to your friend; gang up on a fellow friend and beat the crap out of him; erase the password on your friends PC, changing the password, delete all his desktop icons, hide all of his folders, uninstall his antivirus programs, and plant a trojan virus and helping him resolve it one problem at a time; spill a cup of milk on your friends pants before he goes to work; stab him in the throat while he's not looking; delete all the songs off one of your friend's MP3 player; hide all of your friend's games; install the "Where's My Droid" app on your friends phone and text "Where's My Droid" to his phone while he's on a date, at work, at school, and such; tape your friend's eyes shut while he's sleeping; etc. etc.

    I'm all for good fun, but we should try to keep this all the Android Forum boards less cluttered with garbage.
  6. Kutanks

    Kutanks Well-Known Member

    dropped my env touch in there once, riced it for a week, it still works
  7. i VTAK

    i VTAK Well-Known Member

    If you're so worried about spam you could have reported him and left without posting, or PMing the OP at the most. Your buzzkill rants are what's breeding more off topic posts.
  8. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    If it were an iPhone, they'd say "There's a crap for that." :D
  9. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    Just about to say this. All these "spam" replies followed you complaining. Just sayin.. but its true.
  10. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Well-Known Member

    You should have to take the stick outta your ass and repeat April 1st over and over again like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day until you get a sense of humor. Lighten the F up dude.

    And to the OP - good way to turn your Droid into a piece of shit.
  11. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I could just PM the OP, but the fact is everyone should be know that this type of spam is unneeded. So when I told the OP in the post, everyone should take note of it.
    Yes, that's unfortunate.
    If you cannot help, but personally attack me I'll have to report you as well. That's not allowed here.

    Anyway, seeing as it is 11PM (Pacific); April Fool's. I can't believe no one noticed:
  12. l3rian

    l3rian Active Member

    ok did everyone else not get that qraftee was joking?? He was the real april fool's joke in this thread because the OP sucked! No one give a *shit* if someone else ruins their phone so it's dumb...

    But anyways I have a story that tops them all.. my roomate actually dropped his in the toilet AS HE WAS FLUSHING IT hahahahahahaha I still laugh at him about that:)
  13. l3rian

    l3rian Active Member

    Dang itttt!! He revealed it as I was typing out a reply so now I look ******ed.. I wish I could type faster on my droid.. :/
  14. l3rian

    l3rian Active Member

    So I guess shit is cool to say but you can't say mentally ******ed??? Interesting...
  15. Squidward

    Squidward Active Member

    Man, there are some dense people here...Not to mention the general irony of getting worked up about someone getting worked up. Well done.
  16. nikkix

    nikkix Member

    hahahaha thats awesome.
  17. i VTAK

    i VTAK Well-Known Member

    I love April 1st. If you were joking QrafTee, I gotta hand it to you. It takes guts to make yourself look like an uptight prick for a joke.
  18. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna go hide in the corner now. :eek:
  19. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    hahahaha touch
  20. tojjer

    tojjer Well-Known Member

    My daughters Droid fell down the pan, completely submerged for ages cos she wouldn't put her hand in to get it out !!!
    Good old Dad had to go in and rescue it. Here's the funny bit, had to drown it again under the tap to wash it clean. Took it to bits, put in the airing cupboard with the hot water tank in it to dry it out.

    7 days later, put it back together, fired her up and away she went, perfecto !!!!!
    She won't be leaning over the toilet to get a loo roll when her Droid is in her top pocket anymore, that's for sure ! :)
  21. Notahotshot

    Notahotshot Well-Known Member

    Good one on both sides!
  22. Motormech

    Motormech Well-Known Member

    Read post #36. Qraftee was April Fooling the April Foolers.
  23. Berkshire5

    Berkshire5 Active Member

    I'm sorry, but whoever reported the OP needs to grow a pair and some sense of humor.

    While complete unnecessary posts such as "the sun is hot"aren't needed or wanted, a little such as the OP posted is NEEDED to keep the forums active, and to attract new comers.

  24. Canon_Bob

    Canon_Bob New Member

    There's a cr@p for that!
  25. ccousinsjr

    ccousinsjr Well-Known Member


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