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I just filled up my phones disk, now it doesn't workGeneral

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  1. bensg1

    bensg1 Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 15, 2009
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    I did something rather stupid:
    I mounted the phone, so I could access the SD from my computer. I forgot about that and preloaded helsinki with andnav2 (basically downloaded lots of tiles from openstreetmap which can be quite a lot of data). My SD being mounted I guess it saved it all into the internal memory.

    When I rebooted the phone was as if my phone has been factory reset, asking me for my gmail login. on pressing "skip", it looks like I've lost all my settings (desktop as it was when i bought it), but I still have most of my programs. andnav2 seems to have gone though.

    My Available space (internal phone storage) is 2MB.

    Do I just need to do a Factory reset and reinstall everything?
    Where would it have saved the andnav data to? I have ASTRO installed, so maybe I could delete it without having to reset everything.

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Nov 3, 2008
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    Your SD was mounted then you you downloaded data from the Net ?

    Wasnt sure that was possible ... but i would say it didnt goto the sd !!!

    So doing a factory reset would be the logical action to start over ...

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