I just "preordered" my Droid X

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  1. Gamble

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    *EDIT* I thought this was a corporate store, but turns out it was a reseller. May or may not work in your area.

    I just got back from one of my local Verizon stores. My first question went like this:

    "I know you guys aren't accepting preorders for the Droid X yet..."

    The manager cut me off and said, "Actually we were just about to start."

    To make a long story short, I paid $50 to reserve the phone when it comes in. The first Droid X that is delivered through those doors is guaranteed to be mine now, according to the manager. They gave me a receipt, the Product Code says "PREORDMOTOX". They put my phone number in the system, and said that they'll call me when the phone comes in. It will be held in the back as a preorder, and won't be available for sale to anyone else.

    I'm not sure if this is only select Verizon stores that are choosing to do this, or not. I told them that no one that I spoke to on the phone at Verizon knew anything about preorders yet, and they said they weren't surprised. I get the feeling that this manager just wants more sales for his store, so he may not have had direct orders from Verizon to do this. I think It's worth a shot to check out your local store as they might be doing this as well.

  2. benjiedude

    benjiedude Well-Known Member

    Is it Verizon Wireless corporate or a reseller? Can you provide the number for reference?
  3. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    I just talked to a person from my store, and they said they haven't heard anything about it yet. Maybe I am just not lucky.
  4. Gamble

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    I thought it was a corporate store, but turns out it the registered name is Cellular Solutions so it's a reseller. Damn those reseller stores with Verizon logos everywhere and Verizon uniforms!

    I won't post the number for reasons that you can understand, if they were a corporate store I would.

    I guess my assumption was correct, they were just trying to lock me in so I have to buy it from them. At least I'm "guaranteed" one lol.

    I would say it's still worth a shot to at least call the resellers in your area to check if you want to reserve one.
  5. benjiedude

    benjiedude Well-Known Member

    LOL. Even my resellers locally said no to preorders this morning.
  6. evo678

    evo678 Well-Known Member

    I purchased my G1 from a reseller and vowed never again. Places like Best Buy and even RS basically have the same return policy/guarantees as the corporate stores. It seems resellers have additional terms/fees...or at least that was my experience. They had me sign an additional contract with the reseller stating that they would charge me $300 if I cancelled the service within the first 6 months (separate from ETF payable to the carrier)...and their terms even stated only 1 exchange!

    So if you are buying from reseller, just take care to read all the fine print.
  7. Gamble

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    Will do, thanks for the heads up. I would rather buy from corporate, but at the same time knowing that my phone is "reserved" is reassuring to me.
  8. haha well youre set!!
  9. Gamble

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    I sure hope so!! I used to work for a reseller so I know that sometimes they get phones a few days later than corporate...
  10. i just called about pre ordering and the rep said they werent sure to keep checking and also said there would be NO SHORTAGES LIKE THE INCREDIBLE so she wasnt sure if they would do preorders. Dont know how true but hopefully this is a good sign when they say no shortages.
  11. Gamble

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    I heard that from a rep as well, they said the Incredible issue was an HTC thing. "Motorola has it together" was the quote she said. Still, I couldn't resist hunting for a place to preorder lol.
  12. I hope Motorola has it together and doesn't have a repeat of HTC
  13. phantom phenom

    phantom phenom Well-Known Member

    hmm, that's interesting. i'll stop by reseller store after work tomorrow and see what happen from there.
  14. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Incredible shortages are due to the lack of supply of the Amoled screen, which is why they decided to take that upgrade out of the X, fyi.
  15. Yeah well maybe they just wanted to put an lcd screen in for better viewing in direct sunlight and to cut down on the cost somewhat
  16. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Just fyi,
    I delt with a Verizon reseller for years not knowing they were a reseller because they were close to where we lived. They had all the Verizon logo stuff and only sold Verizon. They treated us well, handled my wife's corporate discounts and handled a problem with switching numbers between phones, etc. Then a couple years ago, I wanted an Omnia 1 and went in to get it and they said they wouldn't be getting it. I'm thinking "Huh? A Verizon store note getting a phone, (Flagship at the time) that's all over the website and in the news? That's when I figured out it was a reseller. Well, I went to the Verizon Corp store about 35-40 minutes away and got the phone, and have been going there ever since. They had more phones, more accessories, and were just a good or better with customer service.

    Now it looks like my trusty old Omnia 1 which is a great phone and I really like it, will be put out to pasture when the Droid X comes out. I looked at the EVO and tried it out at the Sprint store. (Didn't buy it because when I was looking they were out of stock) But I'm sure my next phone will be an Android phone. It's the up-and-coming OS. (I just read that they're activating 160,000 Android phones EVERY DAY!!!) Look out Apple and Symbian, Android's coming....!!!!! My Omnia 1 is WM 6.1 Pro and Android is putting it to shame.

    Droid X.... Coming to your area, soon!!!
  17. Gamble

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    That's the scenario that I'm afraid of. They said they only received 1 Incredible when they came out, after I made my reservation obviously. The good thing is if they only receive 1 Droid X, it's mine. If one of the employees takes it or they don't get any, I'm going to go off in the store and they will definitely refund my deposit. :cool:

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