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I keep having trouble with recovery when unrooting

  1. Mrkarias

    Mrkarias Member

    Hi Im still having problems flashing the Stock recovery when im unrooting My Droid Eris

    I made sure i repeated all steps over and over again to Downgrade and then eventually flash a recovery image and i still keep getting the same error: cannot load recovery image

    I know for sure my phone is connected vis fastboot. I checked the Fastboot devices and mine comes up and I even did a DIR recovery.img and it opened up and everything but when it comes to flashing it ...it wont do it

    Any more suggestions

    Please Help!

  2. homer169

    homer169 Well-Known Member

    What version of Hboot do you have. I know that I used the leakbase4rom which changed my Hboot 1.49. I think that might make a difference.

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