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I kicked the horse and got me a NEXUS 4..General

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  1. marco562

    marco562 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased the nexus 4 and received it pretty quick so I purchased a sim card of eBay from straight talk wireless (at&t). I ported over my virgin mobile number to straight talk with no problems took about 24hrs for the porting(I was able to use my HTC evo v in the mean time.).I gotta say I get pretty decent data speeds over 5mbps I also get good coverage. I pay now $45 a month unlimited everything.Just sharing just in case someone is trying to get the nexus 4 I definitely recommend it great phone.:)

  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Be careful with streaming and downloading, you'll get cut off pretty quickly ;)
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  3. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    That won't be a problem. The phone only comes in 8 and 16 gig configurations :p
  4. Austrie

    Austrie Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure he's talking about how straight talk will kill your service/account if you use a lot of data in one month.
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Exactly seeing how streaming/downloading violates their TOS :rolleyes:
  6. thIsgUy20

    thIsgUy20 Well-Known Member

    I will be right behind you...but I'm going with simple mobile
  7. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    I really like the nexus 4 and was considering it as my next device but 16 gb just won't cut it for me. I will never understand why removable storage isn't an option in every phone.... :(
  8. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Even with 64 gig built in, would get a phone with removable storage first. The same goes for the battery. As often as I've had to pull the battery...I just can't put any faith in a phone without removable battery. How do they simulate a battery pull? Hold power button for a half minute? Is this flawless?
  9. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    I've wondered about the simulated battery pull as well. It worries me to not have easy access to the battery. Though I did read somewhere that the N4 battery was fairly easy to remove if needed, but obviously it would be a problem if a physical battery pull was required frequently.
  10. marco562

    marco562 Well-Known Member

    Hello again,,So far im not having any issues with my network i already passed my cap point n im still getting pretty decent speeds i gotta say is like having 4g all the time... N' Yes ..knowing about not being able to add external memory was disappointing for me too that's why I got the 16g more room.. 16g is enough I was running a 16g on my evo v anyway..N' I don't need 64g on my phone may be on the evo v yes bcuz of all the back ups,ROMs, files u need to keep messing with due to the fact mostly new ROMs aren't as stable.. Anyway,I just rooted my nexus 4 n I'm running paranoid android 3+(beauty)..

  11. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Whoa...what's the throttle point, 500MB or something? When you say it's like having 4G all the time...what do they throttle you back to, 10Mbps?

    Also, for me, the fact that the memory is removable is what's more important than how much of it there is. I think 32 gig of internal would be OK for me (64 would be even better) but I still would like to be able to take the memory out whenever I want to...especially if I need to send the phone in for service.

    I'd like to see an SD slot on the next Nexus phone.
  12. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Moving this to the Nexus 4 section, has nothing to do with the EVO V section, cheers
  13. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Yeah, just hold the power for 10-15 seconds and it simulates a battery pull. It's worked every time I've needed it to.

    I thought it would be a massive issue, but it's not that bad. Previous handsets I've found I end up installing loads of pointless apps that look cool and I might use one day. I don't do that on my N4, it also makes the TB folder much smaller too. Nandroids are an issue, but rather than store 2 or 3, I just keep 1 and the rest are in drop box. It'll be easier when I switch carriers and move on to an unlimited data plan, that way I'll be able to get rid of the 2-3GB music on there and use Play Music instead.
  14. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    What'd the poor horse ever done to you!

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  15. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    Storage smorage.... I've got tons of music, pictures, games, over 130 apps and STILL have over 9gigs left.....

    Do you need to download the internet on your phone?

    The phone is flawless....oh can't remove the battery? Don't give a sh!t...this isn't a prepaid virgin mobile phone that needs a battery pull every day. Its an unlocked world phone that also happens to be the current nexus. Kind of a big deal.

    Ive never had to do a hard reset on my phone. Everything just works as seemlessly as it should.

    Its the Catalina wine mixer of phones......just get one.
  16. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    report back if you ever get throttled. and if you don't, let us know how much data you used in your 30 day st at&t plan. also, if you were going over 100mb+ everyday.

    im on st at&t as well so im curious. i read if either one of these two happens - 100mb+ in a day or 1.5-2gb+ in a month, you get throttled.
  17. marco562

    marco562 Well-Known Member

    hahaha the horse was making me mad sometimes it was just getting old for me.., the evo v was my best phone n I learned a lot but I just wanted a phone with bigger screen,bettter performance ...I will pass my evo v to my lil bro and may be he can learn a few things like flashing roms n stuff...wanna say thank you to the developers that made it happen on the htc EVO V...
  18. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    :congrats: well good for you! I'm glad 16 gb is not an issue for you and is enough. It's not enough for me... Saying that it works for you so it will work for everyone doesn't magically make it so :p

    Plus non-removable is also an issue. To me and others. If they offered it, I would get one, they don't so I will give my money to someone else. :(
  19. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    While I don't personally need a removable battery or more storage than 16gb, I still think having the option to is always better than not having the option.

    A 32gb phone is really overkill for me but that is my ideal phone storage. I know that is different for everyone so it is ufortunate that everyone besides pretty much Samsung and motorola are going away from expandable memory.
  20. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    The non removable storage isn't an issue with a high data limit with the t-mobile 30 plan, but if I remember correctly the AT&T mvnos like straight talk and net10 have a monthly limit of 1.5GB. And if you pass it and they notice, they warn you once and after that I believe it's a total service disconnect. The T-Mobile based cards are the ones that throttle.
  21. brounmoney

    brounmoney Well-Known Member

    So if you don't like the nexus 4 because it lacks the storage you want and the removable battery. Why are you posting on the nexus 4 section?
  22. ritchea

    ritchea Well-Known Member

    After 11 mos on ST ATT, I've yet to be throttled-probably because I use very little data (< 1 GB) most times; however, those who report throttling (howardforum) say that it's with ATT not T-Mobile. 3 of our 4 phones are on the ATT version as T-Mobile doesn't work where 3 of us live. No throttling for any of us but it definitely does happen to ST ATT users. ST data limits have yet to be posted, but users report wildly fluctuating usages (500 mb->2 GB) triggering throttles. There is also belief of a 100mb/day boundary past which users claim throttle. I may have stepped over that myself on rare days when I use mobile data.
  23. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Because there are very little restrictions here around where you can post opinions. :)

    We're deviating too far from the topic of this thread though, so probably best we move on.
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  24. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    Thanks for the heads up about throttling. I would assume that the monthly cap for the AT&T ST is probably about 1.5GB now since that's what net10 is claiming it is and both are AT&T mvnos owned by tracfone. I know t-mobile ST throttles as well, but their limit is much higher. Most people who report throttling on those cards were over 6GB.
  25. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    Well first of all I was interested in the phone and do like the phone. I was just giving my opinion about it. That's why we're here, to have discussions... Ultimately I decided it wasn't for me.

    And second, when I first replied to this thread it was in the Evo V section and has since been moved here. I have an Evo 3D and know the op from the other section where the thread originated. He was telling us that he was switching and I replied saying that I wanted the same phone but the 16gb storage limit just wasn't enough for me.

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