I know it's off topic but cant find answers anywhere. Tablet rom development

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  1. luigic81

    luigic81 Well-Known Member

    So my situation, I was fortunate to earn a free ipad wifi/3g 16gb from a sales contest at work, well Ive played with the thing for a few weeks and I have to say apple blows. Anyways gunna sell it on ebay, looking like I can get about $450 for it.
    I then want to take the money and buy an android tablet, i really want a honeycomb one, but I know they are very expensive as they are just coming out.
    So I thought to myself why couldn't I just buy a tablet that comes with Froyo, and then root it, and flash a custom honeycomb rom once a developer ports it over to my device..? It would save me alot of cash/waiting

    So a few questions about that

    1. I didnt see much on XDA for tablet rom development, does anyone know if and where one can find custom roms for tablets? I'm waiting to pull the trigger until I know that I can find a custom honeycomb rom. Dont get me wrong if it comes down to it a froyo tablet is still 1 million times better than a freaking ipad, but I would like to have honeycomb

    Sorry I know it's not the right forum, but I have posted on tablet forums and none knows anything about where to find roms etc.. and I know there is alot of resourceful people in this forum who probly have tablets too :)

  2. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Well, I found a few interesting links on the galaxy tab thread over at xda.

    Porting Honeycomb - Seems like it's not quite ready yet, but soon. So maybe by the time you sell the ipad. (by the way, I don't get the hype. Everyone I know is freaking out about the ipad2).

    I hope that helps.
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  3. luigic81

    luigic81 Well-Known Member

    awesome thanks! So let me ask you this, becuase this will also have a big bearing on which tab I get.
    I would assume that the developers would have to port over honeycomb for each device right? Kinda like how an incredible rom wont work on a EVO. With so many tabs out there by so many manufacturers I'm sure they will not all get supported.... So in your opinion would I have to go with something popular like a galaxy tab in I wanted to get honeycomb on there? Opposed to say something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xq3x3BcHnE
    which has basically the same internals as the Xoom but costs $399..? But it's running froyo

    I guess the simplier question from someone like me who doesnt really know much, is .. could someone use a galaxy tab port of honeycomb on something like that A10 from elocity, or is each rom have to be device specific?

  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    man if you are going to get a tablet, might i suggest the motorolla xoom. i played with the thing today at best buy. and man it is sweet!!!!!! honeycomb goodness with dual core processor! i have no doubt that someone over at xda will get this beast rooted. at $799 though that is a lot of change that i will have to save up for.

    here is the forum over on xda:Xoom Android Development - xda-developers
  5. luigic81

    luigic81 Well-Known Member

    yea I dont want to spend more than what I can get for the ipad which looks to be $450, thats exactly why I was asking about getting a froyo tab and then rooting it and flashing a custom honeycomb rom when they come out.... not sure if thats a realistic way to look at it though. A non honeycomb tablet running CM7 still would be nice, but I want me some honeycomb! lol
  6. Cryptic79

    Cryptic79 VIP Member VIP Member

    Check out the Viewsonic G-Tablet. Under $400. Strong dev community (here and XDA). Tegra 2, 512 RAM, no GPS or 3G/4G. 10 inch. No Honeycomb port...yet. I'm sure there'll be something soon.
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  7. luigic81

    luigic81 Well-Known Member

    nice thanks, Looks pretty cool, and there is instructions all over google on how to root them. Sweet :)

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