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  1. tschecter

    tschecter Well-Known Member

    you guys are my go to people on tech. so, heres the thing. my sis needs to get a new phone like NOAW, and is thinking verizon since it has better covereage here than her old plan with sprint (which she got while living elsewhere).

    so. whats the best phone on verizon right now?

    Honestly. and I am not looking for "the fascinate" as we all know that while it is a good phone, it has its downsides, and I can tell her all about that myself. but I need to know- if you were gonna get a new phone RRIGHT NOW on verizon, what would it be?

  2. starflyr

    starflyr Well-Known Member

    dude jus tell her to get a fascinate and root it immediately, then all her problems will go away;)
  3. cbEck

    cbEck Member

    I think it's impossible to make any kind of recommendation for your sister without knowing what she needs/wants in a phone.

    To me, there is no "best" phone from Verizon. Picking the best phone is all relative to your needs and tastes.

    That said, if she just wants your basic android smartphone - Incredible 2 or yes, the Fascinate. If she uses a mac, go with the Iphone.

    If I could get a new phone though, I'd wait for the Galaxy S 2 to come out.

    *edit* The fascinate is free from Best Buy this weekend, with a new contract.
  4. tschecter

    tschecter Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. And she its not likely to root, but still, neither have I, and I love my phone enough.
  5. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

    Droid Charge. But it's not officially out until Tuesday, thanks to last week's LTE outage.
  6. Gevis

    Gevis Well-Known Member

    The price for the Fascinate is outstanding right now, and it's still one of the best 3g phones on Verizon. 4g of course would go Charge or Thunderbolt, but I don't know enough about either to recommend one over the other.

    However, if I were getting a new phone today, and had the money, I would definitely check out the Incredible 2 pretty hard and quite probably go with that.
  7. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

    I definitely wouldn't. $200 for a phone that's in many significant ways worse than the free Fascinate? You have to be a big HTC fan to consider that seriously.
  8. kwhite

    kwhite Active Member

    fascinate or Iphone!
  9. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    My 2 cents. I have Droid X since august of last year, and been playing with wife's Fascinate for a week now. Taking into consideration that you/she is not going to root (neither does any of our phones), and that you will have a clean factory reset after Froyo update and than (a must!!!) install Launcher Pro and WidgeLocker to speed up your phone significantly - its a very basic decision. Again, this is with an assumption of you going with VZW. If you need a mind blowing battery performance and additional bonus of notification led and don't mind rectangular heavier brick design - its DX or soon to be available DX2. If you want a lighter phone with a slick almost-iPhone-like form factor and willing to sacrifice on battery life (although I noticed Juice Defender helps a lot) - Fascinate is very good!!! Sorry, just from a personal experience HTC feels cheap, and battery life is even worse than SF. I’m kind of biased toward MOTO, but mostly because of their very solid design and superior battery life.

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