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I Love the SliderGeneral

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  1. Xavion2004

    Xavion2004 Well-Known Member

    I bought the Toshiba Thrive because I wanted a full functionaing tablet and Im not a big fan of sacrificing ports for weight. Thin doesnt mean much to me when it doesnt do what I want it to when I want it to. Then I found out about the Asus Slider and it was like the Galaxy S release for Sprint. When the Epic 4G came out everyone complained about it having a keyboard, for me that was the number 1 selling point. With the Asus Slider its pretty much the same thing. Its a Transformer with a built in Keyboard. Its just the right size for what you will be using it for. Hell Im typing this from it right now.And screw those reviewers who say the keyboard is small, if youve ever typed on a net book you'll be fine. And as far as it not having a track ball or mouse.....ITS TOUCH SCREEN! Anyway, Ive been loving mine for the 24 hours Ive had it and would suggest anyone to buy it. Also anyone that knows how to root this thing let me know.

  2. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    I get mine tuesday, how are you liking it? what video formats does it play?
  3. Xavion2004

    Xavion2004 Well-Known Member

    So far everything but .flv files. And I'm still loving it. I got 2 friends with galaxy tabs take theirs back and order the slider.

    Also worth noting is that I can connect an external hard drive through the USB port, I couldnt do that with my Thrive.
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  4. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    Just got mine and i love it
  5. 129260

    129260 Well-Known Member

    Any tablet capable of usb port can connect external drives. Problem is android versions so far can only read fat32 or Linux ext file system. So if the drive was in ntfs, it could not be read by android. Unsure why your drive works in this tablet and not the thrive though....odd.

    I'm still sure I want the thrive more then this, although the keyboard is tempting. But I am used to not having a dedicated keyboard and rather a touchscreen one. Plus, the thrive will be cheaper when black Friday comes. ;)
  6. Xavion2004

    Xavion2004 Well-Known Member

    Your guess would be better than mine as to why it works, but I'm not complaining. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed my Thrive I just felt like this was a better buy for me. I have officially replaced my keyboard, battery life is better, and screen typing only gets you so far when you are trying to keep up with notes during a lecture. I prefer the micro sd over the full sd just because its easier to transfer from my phone to my tablet, but i do miss the full HDMI port...I suggest playing with both before making a choice.
  7. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    i have a 500gb ntfs ext hard drive and my slider reads it perfectly, watched platoon off it last night
  8. imneveral0ne

    imneveral0ne Well-Known Member

    I can't wait till there is root for this! Otherwise this thing is amazing!
  9. wafflecow

    wafflecow Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to get one of these really soon! I picked this over the Transformer for the only reason of "design" I love this thing. I went to Fry's not knowing the Slider existed and was very surprised and excited over it.

    Is it hard to hold the slider in tablet mode? Do you find that you use it in the slider mode more often than without? Just curious!

    I hope the upgrade to 4.0 between the Transformer Prime and Slider isn't much of a big gap since Asus is upgrading all of them.. Tegra2 vs Tegra3 basically isn't it for the upgrade? Forgive me I don't know much about what it takes to upgrade...
  10. Just got one of these for $300 due to an HHGREGG black friday issue that they sold more transformers than they had in stock. They ended up giving me an upgrade to this. Also gave me the opportunity to return the transformer dock I already had from Best Buy and got my $100 back from that. I haven't messed with it although I am tempted since it is a gift for my wife, but it looks great. I didn't even know it existed, what the heck is it with the stores that carry this thing. They don't even advertise they have it in the store or even have it on display. This thing would sell like hot cakes having a built in keyboard.
  11. tender rat

    tender rat Member

    Ah! A real keyboard, and I don't have to hold it up.

    It's nice to have the choice of keyboards, and It's nice not to have to hold the thing up with one hand while I write with the other.

    The one thing that does bother me about the Slider is that the bottom edge of the keyboard is higher than the space key, and half the time I don't push it down far enough.

    With the Slider you CAN have the pure tablet experience, or you can have the mini laptop experience. And, all for the same price as all the other tablets out here. Why buy a slab when you can have more. Plus, when I'm around all those iPads at Starbucks, I can snap out my keyboard, and garner a lot of dirty looks. That alone is worth the price of admission;)
  12. tender rat

    tender rat Member

    About that problem with the space key: I filed the edge of the keyboard a bit, and that half fixed the problem. Then I bought some thin felt tape from Home Depot, and built up the space key a bit. That fixed the problem of missing the key, but you may have to shave the felt so that the screen won't contact the space key when you close it.
  13. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    The HDMI out is amazing. A lot smother than my evo 3d
  14. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    Just got mine yesterday & I love it !!! I agree with you on all the negative things the reviewers were saying about. This thing is awesome & I don't think it's heavy at all like everyone was saying. Why would you want a track pad if it's touchscreen ? The keyboard really puts this over the top for me !!!!
  15. envy5000

    envy5000 Member

    I absolutely love the slider form factor. I dont know why this tablet isn't more popular other than the fact the others in the Asus line have the dock which increases battery life.

    Stepping up from an OQO 1 this form of tablet/slider is very usefull and much more practical. I was able to snag it like new for $260
  16. trf1

    trf1 New Member

    Is there a way to transfer music from my apple account to the slider? I'm new to the android hardware. I have a Ipad 1 but the slider in my opinion is much better. Love the keyboard!
  17. cwhaxuallday

    cwhaxuallday Member

    Root access on newest update 3.2.1 (Nachoroot)
    [ROOT] NachoRoot - Honeycomb - xda-developers

    its for the transformer TF101 but works on the slider SL101 . i used it and it works for root. from my knowledge anything intended for the transformer will work on our sliders (square me away if im wrong)
  18. imneveral0ne

    imneveral0ne Well-Known Member

    afaik you are correct, I've been using TF101 stuff on my slider all day, and it always works. Cheers!

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