I m trying to delete all my text messages...Android keeps crashingSupport

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  1. sheefo2k

    sheefo2k Member

    My G1 keeps crashing wihle i m trying to delete a big thread of text messaging. I tried to even delete all and it still crashs. WTF!!!!!

  2. SirFenwick

    SirFenwick Well-Known Member

    Haven't had this problem, how many text messages are you trying to get rid of?

    Might be something they'll have to address in a update if it does this a lot with people who keep tons of text messages on there phone.
  3. OrganizedFellow

    OrganizedFellow Well-Known Member

    Happens to me too.

    My friend and I, who amassed almost 600 text messages in two weeks. The G1 crashes when I tried to delete all the messages.
    I eventually got it to delete, but I had to keep trying.

    Other time, there were only 200+/- and it crashed.

    I'm glad it isn't just me.
  4. killer3160

    killer3160 Well-Known Member

    try deleting one by one
  5. OrganizedFellow

    OrganizedFellow Well-Known Member

  6. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    Well does it crash if you delete just one?
  7. OrganizedFellow

    OrganizedFellow Well-Known Member

    No, only in mass. I'm talking HUNDREDS!
  8. McDeezy

    McDeezy Member

    I've had a thread that was at about 2600 txt's. NEVER would delete. Had to factory reset the phone.
  9. benmarvin

    benmarvin Well-Known Member

    I've had threads with several hundred messages, it tries to Force Close while deleting, but if you hit Wait, it would eventually do it. Try clearing your browser cache and see if freeing up some available memory would help it along.
  10. davelfc

    davelfc Member

    yeah i usually gather about 600 in one thread maybe more but i just wait until it deletes while the force close is on the screen.
  11. inmypants0

    inmypants0 New Member

    im having this problem right now...:rolleyes:
  12. jfltdoc

    jfltdoc New Member

    Droid 2 Phone. I can't even delete ONE text message, much less hundreds or thousands. I'm a new user and could use some advice. :confused: Thanks!

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