I May Be Headed For An EVO Signal Just Too Weak On This HandsetGeneral

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  1. Sprint Signal Vs Verizon at -102 in my home

  2. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    Oh brother....here it comes. Why??

  3. Look at the signal strength difference
  4. sylent101

    sylent101 Well-Known Member

    You really think ur gonna get better service with sprint?
  5. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    Right, I think every one knows the signal strength issue or non issue. But why start thread on you going to EVO because of it. You know you're going to get flamed for this.
  6. cp1

    cp1 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by -102
  7. Generally signal strenth is measured in dbm. The bandwith for cell phones is in the range of -75 (the best possible to -110 (The worst possible) A reading of -102 is pretty bad.
  8. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    this is the third thread you created about the 'signal' non problem

    -50 is the best you can get i think, not -75
  9. It cant be worse than im getting from Verizon right now. I really love this phone but the service sucks!
  10. jlb0305

    jlb0305 Well-Known Member

    I suggest getting a replacement incredible. I held mine next to someones at work and my signal was horrible compared to his. I'm getting a new one shipped to me by verizon.
  11. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

  12. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    I don't disagree with your findings. You may in fact be getting horrible signal with the INC where you live. I just don't see the point in making another thread about this. If it's bad for you, then make the switch.
  13. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    You are correct, the best isn't -75. I just reached -74 today in my house.
  14. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    If this is just gonna turn into a flame war then I'll close it down.

  15. -75 is about the best you can expect in a building You will rarely see -50 unless you are standing next to the cell tower.
  16. I do love the phone. Its the part about not being able to make calls and dropping calls that I dislike.
  17. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    I understand where you are coming from, but this has flame bait written all over it. Look at his other thread that I posted. Earlier today he is saying that his Incredible is working so good that he is getting bored, and now only hours later he is talking about getting an Evo? Sorry man, this just smells foul.

  18. Look at my signal strength in the picture now thats foul
  19. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    Which phone did you have before the Incredible and what was the dbm reading on that?
  20. Storm2 Average about -85 to -90 When I was talking to the Verizon lady today she could hardly hear me she even admitted the phone sounded bad.
  21. narf

    narf Well-Known Member

    I am looking at the signal strength of my Inc and it is reading -44 dBm and I am inside on the 10th floor of a high rise but relatively close to the window. Ironically it only shows 3 of 4 bars, haha. So apparently you can get better than -50!

    Anyone else getting better than -50 dBm??
  22. justbrae1

    justbrae1 Well-Known Member

    The phone has a digital signal, it either has signal or it doesnt. It may cut in and out.. but poor signal does not degrade the quality of the call.
  23. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    I'm in the outer banks right now. I can see the tower about 1/3 mile away. Getting -71dbm in the house. Best I've seen is -60dbm within 500ft of a tower back home.
  24. BuTbKa

    BuTbKa Well-Known Member

    Classic BetterMost...First hi was in love with his Stormie 2, open bunch of useless threads on Crackberry forums.... then he hated his Storm 2, and open another bunch of useless threads.
    Then he fell in love with Incredible, and guess what..? Hi start another bunch of useless threads, few days later hi is returning his Incredible for Evo....
  25. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

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