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I miss my desire hd and sense!!!General

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  1. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    I went and upgraded my phone and got the samsung galaxy s2x which is an awesome powerful phone but I still miss my DHD and I really miss sense and the customization that comes with it. My wife has my DHD now so I still get visitation rights.

  2. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    That's interesting because if I could get a new phone tomorrow it'd be the gs2.

    What part of sense do you miss and what customisation can you do on it?

    As soon as I found out about different home launchers I haven't missed sense one bit.
  3. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    I think the thing I miss most are all the widgets that come with sense and the people app and dialer.
  4. Shonan

    Shonan Well-Known Member

    i quite like sense, the people and dialler are wot keep me on sense, really like how they roll fb and twitter in to one, shame they couldnt bring google plus to it to
  5. Panter

    Panter Well-Known Member

    Another big fan of Sense here too.
    My wife has the Nexus S and despite it running a newer version of Gingerbread, it always surprises me as to what it can't do that my phone does (syncing contacts etc) that I take for granted but is obviously the Sense overlay
  6. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    What do you mean about syncing contacts? Do you mean with Facebook?
  7. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

    I have always ran back to sense after trying Vanilla roms, I just like it...
  8. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    You're all just wrong, that's all - plain wrong... :p

    Vanilla Android is the way forward!! ;)

    Nah... in all seriousness... each to their own... I changed to CM7 a month after I got my DHD and, even though I have tried others, like LeeDroid, I just prefer my Android Vanilla flavoured! :)
  9. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

    Saying that, if someone offered me a free S.G.NEX I'd probably snap thier hand off :-D... And off to Ebay with Sense
  10. Shonan

    Shonan Well-Known Member

    ^^^ :d:d
  11. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Well I took my mutant sgs2x back to telus and exchanged it for the htc amaze 4g. Very happy to be back with sense and htc.
  12. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    I am new to rooting. Past two weeks i have tried several ROM's including CM 7.2 (basically vanilla Gingerbread) and Ice Cold Sandwich (similar to Vanilla ICS). These ROM's are fast and light making making Sense feel heavy and bloated.

    But this early I know in a few weeks, when I am done trying different ROM's and satisfying my curiosity, I will stick with one of the Sense based custom ROM's.
  13. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    I've tried various roms now and like Jaffa I prefer sense based roms. Not sure why but the DHD don't seem the same without it.

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