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I need 1 app to convert WMA to Mp3 and add album art?

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  1. d12bn

    d12bn Well-Known Member

    I need 1 app to convert WMA to Mp3 and add album art?

    I just cant get music from my laptop to my Hero with album art.

    I have tried several programs with no luck. please help

  2. tysonvid

    tysonvid Member

    Search the internet for Soundtaxi. This app will convert wma to mp3.
  3. d12bn

    d12bn Well-Known Member

    I can convert to mp3 put still no album art on phone,
    help please
  4. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

  5. vesnicak

    vesnicak New Member

    I have installed http://www.freewmatomp3converter.com and it works perfect for me.Free WMA to MP3 Converter is windows application that is used for converting Windows Media files to MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players.
  6. Jamesmew

    Jamesmew New Member

    Maybe somebody is still interested so here is a software wma-convert.com/ which converts and removes drm protection.
  7. Danielrogers

    Danielrogers Active Member

    You can use The File Converter FREE the app in Google Play but free version is on for 2 conversions, or use File Converter app. Hope it's what you need

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