I need a good GPS tracking app

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  1. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    I have a ZTE score and a Galaxy player 5.0. They are both good devices with a real GPS (not just network based). Now I know you are wondering, why don't I just read the other posts about tracking software? I need something that will prove my location. Is there anything that makes a log that someone can not accuse my of altering? I got some lunatick who accused me of stalking her. I never met her or had any relationships whatsoever with her. I don't know anything about her.

    I want a program that can prove that I was somewhere else. I just want something that there is no way I can't change the log files or any way to say I tampered with the logs. I want a tamper proof log of some sort because she must be trying to get revenge for something but what? The biggest slap in the face to me was that I never stalked anyone. I am not a violent person or anything like that but every time I think of it, I just want to sue her for everything she owns. That was the worst cheap shot ever at me. Many people like me and wouldn't do that. I guess she must have a mental disorder.

    I would be willing to pay for such an app at most any price on the app store, just recommend anything you can. My Galaxy Player 5.0 does not have a data connection, but bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi. The ZTE Score is bought off contract and not activated.

  2. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Wow - What a crazy situation.

    I don't know of an app that will do what you want, but I'll move this to our Android Applications section where hopefully some one will be able to help you out.

    Best of luck to you!
  3. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    That isn't all. She and possibly people she knows run and walk in front of my car. I have a 2006 Jetta 2.5. It is a good looking car so I suspect she may be a con artist. I think she may have accused me of stalking knowing that I would call police on her for the attempts she made to commit fraud against me. I think her idea is to say i stalked her. I think she may be stalking me really and wants to keep me afraid to go to police. It is after all hard to bring justice against a person you don't know the name of. She drives out right in front of my car in parking lots and threatens to call police if you try to confront her (tell her to look where she is going).

    I not only want to log my whereabouts for an alibi if I get arrested but I want a dash cam for video evidence against all crimes against me wether intentional or not.

    Anyone who drives might want to get a dash cam. They can give you some of the best evidence against any careless drivers or con artists. They defend you against crazy people who think they are always right or atleast take out most of the argument over whos fault something was
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    You should probably go to the police, anyways. They can subpoena your cellphone records to show where your cellphone has been. It's harder to say that you're a stalker if you keep to a certain pattern that doesn't deviate to follow this girl.

    As for an app, nothing third party will be beyond scrutiny. The cell company's records would be more admissible.
  5. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    That seems like a good idea, me showing up at the police station would show I have nothing to hide. My first encounter with her was maybe 8 yrs ago when my car was a '95 LeBaron convertible (another very nice car). Then I had a '05 Jetta for 2 years before it was totaled. Now I have a '06 Jetta exactly like the one totaled but differtent color. They were not the fastest cars but they worked for me. Notice that she didn't bother me when I had a car with less value but only when I looked like someone with a ton of insurance? I think she may be trying to scam me and who knows how many others. She is probably a horrible neighbor to some other people I might feel sorry for. I would love to see Judge Judy tear apart her case from the inside out. I would not mess with Judge Judy.

    As for the software, I think I will just try to find something I can freely view the logs from but they would be encrypted and I would not be able to change anything, only view print and send. I should put this on a big tablet just for easier presentation of my evidence. The Galaxy player has a very nice screen for a device similar to a phone but a bigger screen may be like a favor to anyone who reads my evidence. The 10.1 inch tablets (alos Samsung) are nice. I but the Galaxy player because it was on sale for $200+ tax (6% here).
  6. secrecyguy

    secrecyguy Well-Known Member

    I am looking for one too so if you find one let me know.

    I only know 2 that does it so far. Google Maps with their latitude. You have to make sure you have a good phone with good reception for it to work. The only problem I found is it's too basic.

    GPS Tracker by Instamapper but they stop supporting it and no longer making it. So if you have Android 4.0 and up, the program will end up stop working because the Android 4.0 is trying to save battery. So you have to check the program once an hour to make sure it's still working.
  7. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    I also think of getting a windshield mount and use the device with the better camera as a dash cam. I leaned the Galaxy Player up against my windsheild once and people were a little more careful driving when they saw it. I guess they realize that I will give that video to my insurance (only if there is an accident) and hand deliver it as soon as possible.
  8. graham35

    graham35 Well-Known Member

    A gps app will not help you as there would be no proof that you were at the same place as your mobile phone - you could give me your phone to take to the local coffee shop whilst you get up to some bad stuff.

    Maybe you should do some proper crime and get the law to tag you.

    Probably not very helpful, but you are going about this the wrong way, and should get the lawyers on to it

    hope you get it sorted soon....
  9. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    That and credit card, debit card records. Especially since that might lead to security camera footage that proves you were elsewhere. Consider getting in the habit of making small transactions during the day at gas stations or other places you know have cameras. Or withdraw $5 from the atm at random points in the day.

    And like others said, call the cops, and/or talk to a lawyer.
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  10. deltaforce

    deltaforce Well-Known Member

    I am totally confused about your situation on who is stalking and for what, but anyways thats none of my business.

    Take a look at an app called as iOnRoad. This is actually a personal driving assistant which I seriously considered but I learned that it saves your track and emails you at the end of the trip. So if thats what you want, this one should work for your needs but if you are looking for your 'personal' location as opposed to you in the car then it won't work. You better go to the police and tell them to help you out. Take someone or two with you to corroborate your narration to the officer.
  11. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    I was thinking, maybe a prepaid phone but with minutes paid for by my VISA card. This way there is no chance of her discovering my real cell phone number but I would have a phone to subpeona hwhich would show where It has/have been. it would only be carried as an emergency phone which no one but me may have. For this I would use just a $20.00 prepaid one. I would pay for the phone and minutes with my VISA to leave a paper trail showing I own that phone so that I can use it for the phone provider to track me (and help prove my innocence).

    If you activate one just one time, is that enough to have it keep making a record of where it was or
    do I have to keep activating it? I would rather activate it just once and have an inactive phone number than keep paying. I but if I had to keep paying, I would just get the one that takes the cheapest minute cards.

    I have had some hang up calls which may have been her on the house phone. Now I use anonymous call rejection so she can not try that. She probably lies to my mom about me (its too easy). This time if I hear about any lies, I can tell mom to *69 for the phone number or even have it traced. She seems to be a scammer and troublemaker and probably tells mom I am a careless driver. Well, how do you like that? I stop at all stop signs (no rolling but stop for a couple seconds and look to see if its safe). I do that even if someone might rear end me not knowing that some people can read.
  12. AnnDroid12

    AnnDroid12 Member

    That's a pretty crazy situation, Chinespa! I hope things were resolved.

    As for a good GPS tracking app, there's a new, free app called inViu routes. It tracks your travel routes and you can export that data as a GPX or KML file. There's other useful features too like taking GPS photos and creating location-based reminders. It's available on Google Play.

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