i need an expert please root ?

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  1. i was wondering if i could get some expert advise step by step. im afraid to root what is it why how is the easiest way all i really want to do is root to overclock and get rid of the bloatware i see all this about custom roms? what is i screw up and brick it/ and can i reverse it ? i finely got one with only 2 problems no vibrate in silent and call quality still a bit clicky

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    okay the first thing is are you on fryo or gingerbread? If you did not update through LG or OTA then you still have the original baseband. So the first step would be to go to the LG websit and update to Gingerbread it is the only way to get the new baseband that might help[ with your service issues. Lets start there and so let me know and I will walk you yhrough the process step by step. If you are already on Gingerbread then we can start the root process. If you dont know then the way to check is menu>settings>about phone then scroll dow and I want to know 3 things ANDROID VERSION (either 2.2.2 or 2.3.3), BASDEBAND VERSION, well actuall those 2 things are good enough. So just let me know and I will help.

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  3. thank you so much they sent me a replacement with 2.3.3 gingerbread baseband version M6600A-SCAUTNZ-2.09720T 1 [JUL 15 2011 10:00:00] MP:TRULGE_08.09.02R_MDM already installed on it i heard you cant root this yet and i have no idea what im doing
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    Ok thats good you have the new baseband so you are half way there. If you are still haveing problems with service I dont know what else you might be in a bad area. You can absolutly root this version it is actually easier than ever before. I am going to give you links so you can follow along and watch videos also. So here are the steps:

    1. NVFLASH clockworkmod this is the hardest step here is the link to the developers page with simple instructions. Dont worry about rooting first that was under the 2.2.2 method this was step 2 now it is step 1. He has it laid out really simple. I think you have to have a PC for this I'm not positive though but I know it went smoth for me. There is a link to the video at the bottom of the page so read the instructions and watch the video then give it a shot. [RECOVERY][APP]Update 6-16: One-Click ClockworkMod NvFlasher - xda-developers

    2 - Download Xboarders Rooted OTA.zip this is completly stock gingerbread except with root permissions. Gingerbread OTA 2.3.3 Rooted flashable zip v1.0.0 - xda-developers

    3 - boot into clockworkmod and flash the file that you downloaded

    And tthere you have it you are rooted with stock GB and the new baseband.

    Once you do that you can flash anyROM that is pre rooted from there most are pre rooted but for this I want you to use the stock GB so you dont change you phone too much. Once you are comfortable then we will flash the stock froyo LG camera and some other tweeks.

    Take it slow watch the video a few times make sure you are comfortable print out the instructions from the clockworkmod dev page follow them to a T and you will be fine. Let me know how it goes and after that I will give you a link to where you can get more ROMS. Just so you know I get all my info from xdadevelopers.com I have only had an android phone for a few months and I taught myself from what I read on the forums here and xda so if I can do it anyone can.

  5. what if i make a mistake ? this is the only thing i have of any value it sounds really confusing i think im to worried
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    if you make a mistake there are ways to fix it. It is pretty easy If you know computers you wont have a problem. Did you check out the post for clockworkmod? It really is strait forward. I think you wont have any problems. I casn understand it being the only thing of value I am in the same boat and I worked my ass off to get this. Do it at your own risk I do not want to be responsable butn you sound like a smart guy I dont think you will have a problem.
  7. i was wondering tho do i install the nvflash on my pc then install the stock root os for the phone on my sd card on the phone ? do i take out my sim card i may try this this weekend
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    okay nvflash is a program that runs on your PC. You dont really have to install anythting just do what the instructions say. If you dont have winzip or winrar you will need that I use winzip but winrar might be easier just google it and download that. It is the only program that you will need to install if you dont have it already. You can use the evaluation version you dont have to pay for the full version.
    You dont take out the ext sd card leave it in. you will make a folder call it whaterver you want I cxalled it files for root on the sd card then one you have CLM installed you will use it to go to that folder and install roms that are pre rooted.

    LEt me know how you make out.
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    Thanks for this, just got my GX2 a few days ago and even though the process may seem intimidating it was quite easy.
  10. thank you so very much your right it was easy.so i uninstalled the apps i wanted to get rid of but the car home i guess it had 2 i uninstalled the first one wont uninstall the second one oh well it doesn't start up anymore i have no errors so i guess that will do so whats next?

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