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  1. July03

    July03 Well-Known Member

    I bought the Lg esteem yesterday and they give me 2 days to return in. Everything is awesome but the call quality sucks!!! When someone calls, I hear it really fuzzy, and they have a hard time understanding me and I have to repeat my self alot. Is this the esteem or the actual phone that has problems?

    Also, I had the optimus before and it sounded so good. This one sucks compared to it

  2. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    Make sure you have all the updates done
    The Su binary and the Prl
    you can update the prl by hitting *228, listen to the prompt

    Say update Roaming List when she is done talking.

    Than you wait a sec and it will say update on phone.

    Restart Phone and your done with prl update.

    (prl lets you access the newer towers.)

    Use a task manager and make sure there are no odd ball processes running.

    Make sure you in a good coverage area.

    If you still have problems after all that, return the phone.
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  3. July03

    July03 Well-Known Member

    Thanks but shouldn't it be updated already? I just got it yesterday. And no it doesn't have any oddball anything cause I just got it. I'm still doing what you said though. Have you used the lg esteem yet?
  4. Prime85

    Prime85 Well-Known Member

    The phone comes with PRL 3018, When updating using that method it depends on the location that it will put you up too. In my area it changed it to PRL 3019 and i manually updated it to PRL 3024.

    So the answer is no the phone doesnt come updated already
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  5. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

    Metro's return policy is 7 days or 1 hour of talk time, which ever comes first.

    You might have got a bad phone. But before you take it in you should update it to the latest firmware. You can do this by following the directions in the link below.


    The phone comes with 3018, not 2018.

    And this post tells you how to update the PRL (*228 will not give you the latest Preferred Roaming List).

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  6. July03

    July03 Well-Known Member

    I'm pissed. I went back to the store today with 49 minutes talked on the phone. The lady at metro "couldn't help me". Went to the main metro store, i think it's the corporate or something, idk. The guy there was nice and tried to help but he said it sounded fine and that the antenna and settings were fine and submitted a ticket. I don't know what to do. No one I know has the phone to compare the call quality and the people at metro say it sounds fine when the person on the other side of my calls say things like "it sounds like im on speaker" or "What did you say" and i hear them super fuzzy. What do I do?!
  7. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    demand another phone.:cool:
  8. July03

    July03 Well-Known Member

    Tried it. They won't because they "see nothing wrong" with the phone.
  9. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

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