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I need help for SGS-i9000 Please help!Support

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  1. Millman7

    Millman7 Member

    Hi everyone i'm new to this site but anyways,

    I decided to root my galaxy s today and after i did the odin stuff, and installing the root, i noticed i picked the wrong one, i installed a root package (or something) for android 2.3.6 WITHOUT jw4 valuepack, but my phone runs on the jw4 so i saw there was another root for that one, now after i boot up my phone it stays at the black screen with the white letters saying: Galaxy S GT-i9000 and 'samsung' in the lower screen, it keeps showing me that for a few seconds, then the screen goes black and after that it shows up again all over the time.

    Please someone help me i can't use my phone now.

    greetings, a noob

  2. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer Developer

    first things first... tell me you made a backup of your system etc before you started? if so this just got infinitely easier. if not thats ok too...

    can you get into download mode (i think thats what it was called for the galaxy.), it would be volume down + home + power.
  3. Millman7

    Millman7 Member

    No i didn't but i actually dont have so much important things to lose, i got everything already at samsung kies like music and contacts, but i ejected my sd card and simcard after i saw my problem, i also went into recovery mode, and id showed: Clockwork mod <version> in the top of the screen with many options, i tried the factory reset from there but that didn't helped

    and yes i can get in download mode
  4. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer Developer

    For the future, --->ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP<--- now that that's out of my system lol. Lets get to it...

    Don't sweat dude, i did the same thing to mine when i was tinkering with it. Quickest fix for this would be to flash back to a stock unrooted rom and start over from square one. (see below)

    1. Install Samsung USB driver on your computer.
    2. Install 7-Zip.
    3. Use 7-Zip to extract Froyo 2.2.1 firmware to a folder. After the extraction you should see 3 files with file extention .tar.md5.
    4. Open Odin3 v1.7 or Odin3 v1.82 (depending on which one you have downloaded), and follow the steps below.
    5. Hold Samsung Galaxy S I9000 in your hand and turn it off, while it&#8217;s still in your hand wait till it vibrates, because that&#8217;s when it&#8217;s really turned off. If it didn&#8217;t vibrate then take out the battery to make sure that it&#8217;s completely turned off. Then put back the battery.
    6. Connect your phone to your computer with a cable.
    7. Put your phone to download mode. To do that, hold volume down, home key, and power button until an Android and a yellow triangle image appears on the screen.
    8. On Odin3 there are several columns of rectangles. Now the rectangle below the bigger rectangle on the first column should turn yellow.
    9. Now select the PIT file, PDA file, PHONE file, and CSC file by clicking the PIT, PDA, PHONE, and CSC buttons.
    10. Now click Start button.
    11. Now you should see activity on the first column of Ordin3. You should see a green progress bar. On Samsung Galaxy S you should see a white progress bar. Do not disconnect your phone from the computer at this point. After it is completed, your phone will restart automatically and it will load into recovery mode.
    12. In recovery mode use your volume down button to select &#8220;wipe data/factory reset&#8221; and tap the home key to confirm. Then select &#8220;wipe cache partition&#8221; and tap the home key to confirm. Then select &#8220;reboot system now&#8221; and tap the home key to confirm. Now your phone should boot up normally.
    If you need help finding downloads or links to stock rom's lemme know.

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