I need help, games like Cytus dont work on my galaxy note 3Support

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  1. kenosky

    kenosky New Member

    I just downloaded Cytus and Deemo but both dont work

  2. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Well-Known Member

    Contact the makers of the two games by email and ask them for help on why it doesn't work for your phone.

  3. kenosky

    kenosky New Member

    It does work but it just stays on the white screen after the game says: "For best experience use headphone" or something like that
  4. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Well-Known Member

    Email them and see if they know about the problem and ask them when they plan on patching it. Are you using any custom rom or have you modified your phone in any way?
  5. kenosky

    kenosky New Member

    No I just got this
  6. Kalaborative

    Kalaborative New Member

    Hi, I just got this too and the same thing happened to me. However I was able to fix it. It might be that your data file (.obb) is missing or you've misplaced it. If you decide to download the game, make sure to include the OBB file and place it in the /Android/data/obb/com.Rayark.Cytus directory. It should be around 700 MB. That solved my problem!

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