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  1. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    I purchased the samsung infuse 4g on Sunday and i love it. :cool: However i have a few questions i hope you guys can help me out with/answer.

    Ok soo first....this is really annoying me:

    1. The gmail thing. So they guy at the AT&T tells me if you have a gmail account you link it to your phone yada yada...ok so i did that. However what i don't like is, i can't SIGN OUT from my account now. I don't like that it always seems to be open. Everytime i hit the gmail app, my email just automatically pops up. I don't like that. At. All. How do you SIGN OUT from your account? I know you have to be signed in to go to the APP market and etc, but still, it's annoying. Can you even sign out?!? :confused:

    2. The internet: Ok so again with the signing off thing. How do you sign off the internet? This might be a dumb question to some, but it seems like everytime i exit(which to me is just simply pressing the home key) the internet, i STILL see the little H arrow sign signaling that the internet is STILL working. How do i officially get off the internet when i'm done? Do you just simply exit/hit the home button? I'm just afraid my internet is still mysteriously working and it's eating up my data plan. :eek:

    Ok that's all the questions....for NOW. haha. :D

  2. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    The easiest way to make sure app's aren't using data or draining battery is to shut them off via your 'Task Manager' app that came included with the phone! Voila!
  3. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    ^Thanks for the advice!

    But what about my gmail problem? Can you sign out of gmail? I actually hit the "help" key, which is on the gmail, and it told me what to do. Still.....no success. I just don't like having gmail(or any email account for that matter) open like that.

    The task manager doesn't seem to help with the gmail.
  4. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to figure it out since my other post. I'm beginning to think it's not possible to sign out. Only add more accounts. What exactly is the problem you're having? Why do you need to sign out? I rarely get notifications from gmail but I do use it as a secondary email really. If you just have a problem with the notifications they can be shut off in the settings menu in gmail. Otherwise you're going to have to root your phone and search for your gmail account.db. That is the type of file it would save your account info as. Then delete it. That might also mess with your android market though. Good luck!
  5. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    you can not sign out of gmail...think of that more as a log in for your phone not just your email.

    you can however choose what you want to sync.

    menu.settings.accounts and sync.gmail

    uncheck gmail. gmail may still sync when.opened....but it should no longer do so automatically.

    remember...you can set up a phone specific gmail accnt if you wish...one that only houses your contacts that never receives emails. a factory reset will be required to make the change. pm me if you need a walk thru

    i am still lost on what the issue is...the set up is doing exactly what society begs for...access now.
    it does however go against everything we have been taught about login protection tho.

    if it is a matter of sensitive data...consider password protecting your phone at menu.settings.location and security.

    you can even use apps to password protect apps like gmail. i use one on my sons phone to keep him out of settings.
  6. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    thanks for the responses guys!

    Yea my issue is with the login/password protection/overall email privacy! To just have my email open like that 24/7, to me is asking for problems! I don't have anything incriminating in my emails...hahah! I just like to know NO ONE can access other than me. Oh well.......

    Also i've been doing sync on/sync off thing. It's the closet thing to signing in and out, even though i can still technically get into my email. Meh...oh well...i'll deal i guess.

    Thanks again guys!
  7. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    in that case check out app locker in the market. by gmobile
  8. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    Ohhhhhh ok let me check that out! Thanks ed! :cool:

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