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  1. intelamdsxm

    intelamdsxm New Member

    Hi guys!im just bought a new phone an acer etouch 110.i like to phone a lot but i have one problem.I downloaded a navigation software an igo 8 for android and im allready installed it on a phone but the screen is small 240X320 on my phone and the apps doest support it.
    For this with a google search etc. i found a modified data.org file which can fix my screen problem.
    Now the problem coming up i have no idea how to copy this file to my phone root.Can somebody explain for me this by step by step please?
    Its my first android phone so i have no idea how can i start rooting things like this.please help me!
    Thank you guys!

  2. artee

    artee Member

    I didn't root mine, don't know how (yet), but did you try putting the file on the SD root?

    It would be silly for programs to require data files on the phone root, since nothing should go there that's not there already...
  3. intelamdsxm

    intelamdsxm New Member

    i tryed everything allready with this but didnt help thats why i asked if anybody have an idea or know how to do this
  4. artee

    artee Member

    From what I gather from here:
    iGO 8 for Android - xda-developers
    you need to install the file at:
    and there they say they used root explorer to put it there... it costs UK
  5. heyvinzhere

    heyvinzhere Member

    i read somewhere that u can push any compatible app to root with android SDK and adb.. I just installed this and I am still unable to connect this phone properly to SDK..
    could anyone help me please?
  6. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    why not use root explorer..google 'rootexplorer android ipmart'..i cant test the software this guy is sayin booz i already have sygic ..no more maps.

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