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  1. Jakecoles55

    Jakecoles55 Member

    can someone please please please help me? my email is jakecoles55@hotmail.com and my facebook is Jake Coles, i have a pic of me and my gf.
    no matter what rom i install, stock, stock++, monster5, monster4, admire beast, any one ive tried all do the exact same thing, they just play the last boot screen over and over and the phone won't start, I'm freakin out cuz i just got this phone today and i didn't know what a nandroid backup was until after this started :'( please, someone help. I'm gonna post this in as many places as i can find, please don't mark as spam! I need help!

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Jake, first of all, don't post it anywhere else. Mods will delete double posts.
    Second, you're in a boot loop. Do you have a custom recovery installed? Boot into that which will be the power button + volume down. From there, since you don't have a backup (always make a backup before you start ROMing), you'll need to perform a factory reset. You'll be starting from scratch, but you should be okay.
  3. padonok600

    padonok600 Member

    Go here to restore to stock -> http://androidforums.com/admire-all-things-root/487754-acs-odin-thread-return-stock.html
  4. Jakecoles55

    Jakecoles55 Member

    okay, well i tried tons of methods but in the end, the only one that worked (Thank God!!) is I had to download and put a restore in the CWM folder on my phone, then on my phone i hit restore, selected the file, and it took a long while but its back on! :D I'm not gonna mess with any custom rom until I figure out what the hell happened. Thanks!

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