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i need help!!! somebody pleaseSupport

  1. kuntryswag

    kuntryswag New Member

    i have an alcatel to-980a android and its only like 2 months old, i plugged my phone into charge today and it shut off. ever since than when i try to turn it on it goes to the android screen and stops. i have tried taking the battery out and it doesnt work. i am absolutely stumped!! somebody please help me.

  2. takaya.aiba

    takaya.aiba Guest

    is there a button combo you can use to force the device to reboot?

    have you called the telecommunications provider or manufacturer?

    is this phone insured?
  3. vipul123

    vipul123 New Member

    press the red end button, it happened 2 me, u just have 2 press the end call button

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