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    CASUAL Well-Known Member

    Question 1: How do I put music in my captivate?
    I have the cds already but i do not know how to approach this.

    how do I rip the cds and put them in my phone??

    (When I put in an audio cd windows media player pops up, what do i do after?)

    Question 2: Since I dont know how to rip cds to my computer and put them in my phone, i used an app called music downloader and I downloaded some songs...it "uses public search engines"
    It worked but I can only find SOME songs..for example I only find the artists most well known songs.

    another problem with this app is that when i downloaded the music it had a bunch of gibbrish after the title that would clutter my phone
    for example a rick james song would show up as "Rick James@3456788dtf"

    I just recently learned how to mount the phone to the computer with mass storage. And I fixed everything to make it nice and neat. I got rid of the gibbrish after the song titles.

    How do I add Album pictures to these "music downloader" downloads

  2. dmp316

    dmp316 Well-Known Member

    I used Samsung Kies software to put music on my phone. The software works very well and very easy to use
  3. armeck

    armeck Active Member

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  4. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

  5. Altair4

    Altair4 Member

    1) If you have the CDs on hand, just use Windows Media Player to rip the mp3s from it. I'm sure there's many options to sync your music to the captivate, what I do is just directly drag the mp3 files to the "Music" folder after connecting with USB.
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    CASUAL Well-Known Member

    Alright Thanks Everyone..I managed to do it perfectly!
    now does anybody know how to add the CD artwork if it doesnt have it already???
  7. La Luna

    La Luna Well-Known Member

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  8. avgazn91

    avgazn91 Well-Known Member

    to rip CDs, just do what others say and stick it in your computer and use windows media player. it does it pretty easily.
    music player wise, i suggest installing doubletwist. i think it is a great music player, very well designed, and works wonders. If you do that, go into the settings and and choose "Auto USB drive" and it connects it to your computer as a mass storage device (could also help if you put your phone as mass storage device too).
    So once that happens, just drag your newly ripped mp3 files to your phone or sd card. If you get an SD card though, it will show up as another device rather than just your phone. Thing is, both show up with no name.

    About samsung kies. I personally think it is the worst piece of software crap ever. And I think that mostly because I spent 2 hours fiddling wiht it, and couldn't get it even close to working. That is where I just gave up and installed doubletwist. 45 seconds with that and it is already connected to my computer.

    CASUAL Well-Known Member

  10. La Luna

    La Luna Well-Known Member

    You're welcome. :)
  11. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    I strongly advise against using WMP as a ripper. It's performance and quality is horrible. There are superior alternatives that are free.

    Media - CapFAQ

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