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I NEED HELP - ZTE n9120 Avid 4g

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  1. jberryhill

    jberryhill New Member

    I rooted the phone by following this thread Successfully rooted ZTE Avid 4G (MetroPCS) and it worked perfectly!

    Screwing around (like the novices i am "nooby") and now the phone will only boot to FTM if power and volume are held down...and if not it gets to the "Android" script but wont go any further! Grrr

    What do I do now...???
    Please help, and remember, I'm new to this.

  2. clubanger96

    clubanger96 Well-Known Member

    does it go blank after it show the little android guy?
  3. jberryhill

    jberryhill New Member

    When it first boots it shows the metro pcs screen, then switches to the green android guy, the the glowing android text. It remains on the Android text but will not go any further, nor does the android text disapear.

    If I hold the power and volume down at the same time it will boot into FTM

    If I hold the power down and volume up, it boots into "Android System Recovery <3e> screen where the options are:

    Reboot system now
    Apply update from external storage
    Wipe data/factory reset
    Apply update from cache
    Md5 Check

    Non of these seem helpful but its prolly just me. LOL

  4. dadcup

    dadcup Well-Known Member

    I think if you download the backup for zte usa you can fix your phone just find the way to get the file in your sd and do the update ok
  5. dadcup

    dadcup Well-Known Member

    Is with recovery
  6. hazeleyeys69

    hazeleyeys69 Well-Known Member

    i also deleted some of the metro pcs bloatware today and ended up soft bricking it the same way and it wouldnt get past the glowing android screen but i fixed it by downloading the folder thats in "system/app" that someone posted to download in one of these threads ,then i deleted all the deleted/corrupted files in the system app folder and replaced them with the downloaded ones with android commander and it booted up suddently :) note:afther it finally booted up everything was acting slow so i conducted a hard reset and everything works perfectly fine again....hope this lil experience of mine helps oh and by the way the phone must be in ftm mode while your editing these files in android explorer
  7. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Does not seem legit....

    I think this guy works for ZTE!
    dadcup likes this.
  8. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    Exactly as said before just download the update.zip and place it onto your SD card, then boot into recovery and flash the zip, your phone will have the stock OS back on it like day 1!
  9. LPerez1

    LPerez1 New Member

    hello, i'm about to try and root my zte n9120 is the link provided the one to use for it is there a more phone specific or should it work? any help would be great
  10. 3finger

    3finger Well-Known Member

    That link and instructions contained therein is specifically how to root our Avid 4g devices. If you've never attempted rooting a phone before, make sure you read, read, read, and read it again some more.. Rooting voids your warranty, so if something happens and it can't be fixed with the help and advice of this awesome community, you're pretty much out of a phone.. In any case, welcome to the neighborhood, so to speak :)
  11. LPerez1

    LPerez1 New Member

    is there a link to how to unroot the ZTE N9120, mine is not letting calls come in and just strange, is there a way to return it to factory presets?
  12. Ttwiztidx

    Ttwiztidx Member

    Go to the ZTE avid all things root section of the forum, there is a return to stock thread. Download the zip and install with clockwork mod or twerp recovery, any further questions pm me or post on this thread :)
  13. Rapture81g

    Rapture81g Well-Known Member

    u can also navigate to the SuperSU "app" and click settings then scroll down to Full Unroot option. I have never tried it but I'm sure it works. also have u changed anything in your phone after root? Rooting doesn't cause calls lost or things of that nature unless your tinkering around with files
  14. francis_951

    francis_951 New Member

    root zten9120 avid metropcs 4Gcdma/lte
    how can unlock it
    i have tried with root package but it has failed

    my email: francis-951@live.com

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