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I need help!!!!!Support

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  1. vainsiako

    vainsiako New Member

    i got this phone SAMSUNG GALAXY 551 but i forgot my screen lock pin. does anyone knows hoe to unlock it? without remembering the pin? i really need help!!!! :(((((((((((((((((

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Note:- Dark Pink and Violet are irritating
    Large Font size is irritating
    Comic Sans for help is Very Irritating

    Please refrain from using passwords if you cant remember patterns.Unless you work for top secret evil organization no one is interested your holiday pics.If you are a security paranoid close the Gmail off and sign out of browser.If you do work for top secret organisation,buy a new phone.

    Disclaimer : If you are a thief ,swindler ,chartlan who has stolen a poor guy's phone and are going to use methods to unlock,the legal laws of your country will apply .By following the methods you can be prosecuted for breaking many laws.You will rot in hell too.
    This information should only be used for personal or owned Items.This information is purely informative.I cant be held responsible if anyone uses this information for unlawful process.

    EDIT 1 :If you are snoopy parent,jealous boy friend or girlfriend, peeping tom or voyeur ,you are just sick to go to this level.

    If not
    (Doesnt google reset the password when incorrectly typed 5 times ?)
    You should be connected to internet(by phone AND PC) .Login google account then transfer the Screen Lock bypass from the web market.And download another app.It may or may not work.


    Flash with odin .Thats the last resort.The manual method of reboot recovery is not known to me
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  3. vainsiako

    vainsiako New Member

    i am very sorry for irritating you. :( i really didn't mean to. thank you for your advice. :)

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