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i need helpSupport

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  1. dee33

    dee33 New Member

    i have a samsung gem sch-i100 and i need to know how to get my usb connection to the pc... it worked then now it quite working and it making me :mad:cuz it quite....i had this phone for month and it was giving me problems.....if any body knows how to get me thou this plz tell thank you me....i am trying to get my pics of there and it won't let me

    thank you

  2. insanewhitekid

    insanewhitekid New Member

    Same problem :l
  3. lfeflght

    lfeflght New Member

    You are not gonna believe this..It's the USB cord.

    You are plugging in and the computer says "device not recognized." I had the same problem and tried reloading the driver etc...I borrowed my sister's cord to recharge it. (It was the only thing the computer would do) and bam it connected...tried my cord again didn't work...got a new cord online and it connects beautifully.

    Hope that helps
  4. lfeflght

    lfeflght New Member

    Sorry about that..posted twice

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