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I need help..Support

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  1. janculoo

    janculoo New Member

    A while back I tried installing one of the themes on here and something went wrong and I got stuck in bootloop I got it out of bootloop. And did the return to stock thing but now I can't download any apps, I have crappier signal, and I can't do factory reset. It's normal now but I had better reception when I didn't do anything to it and I could download apps. Is there any way to get my phone back to like normal normal?/:
    BTW I am a noob so I will probably need thorough instruction lol.

    That is what I used to get back to the stock version:
    Any help at all will be appreciated!:)

  2. 76ford90lx

    76ford90lx Guest

    You say you cant download apps. What is happening? Also if you uses Odin then go to the Odin thread and describe exactly what you did and what is happening and I'm sure you will get help
  3. janculoo

    janculoo New Member

    I just get "(App Name); Download was unsuccessful, please try again."
    So go post in Odin thread and post there?

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