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  1. WoodWurd

    WoodWurd New Member

    ok hello so i have a new gnexus and i just updated it to 4.1 but it didnt go. it changed my boot up logo and thats all tha changed basically io cant go into the phone its stuck on the boot up and i cant go into recovery to do a swipe it just boots up forever ad its making me really angry and i dont know whats happening

    Also i tried useing ODIN3 but my computer wont recognize my android when its plugged it its charged when plugged in and i have plugged in my android before and it downloaded the drivers and now it wont recognize it.

    I really wanna use my phone but have no idea where to start

    Some..PLLEEAASEE help me im like dying lol thanks

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    were you rooted? prior to the update?

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