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  1. stormpulse

    stormpulse Member

    I recently bought a z1 then unlocked it with a sim code, that all went fine .
    I put my nano sim into an adapter and put it in.

    It's still says no network, I search for networks, sometimes it finds virgin (canada) but most of the time just says searching, I've had it register to virgin but still no service.

    What do I do

  2. xacto

    xacto Well-Known Member

    Settings - More - Mobile networks - Access point names and add those of your provider. Just Google for your provider's settings.
  3. stormpulse

    stormpulse Member

    I did that I'm not even getting service
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    What network was the SIM you used to unlock it on?

    Try using another brand of adaptor; it's possible that your current one is misaligning the nanoSIM's contacts.

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