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    hi all;:)
    I am Kimi and I've been doing Java for about 9 years;:rolleyes:
    Dispite these years I'm not that expert, but I do my best;:cool:
    I leave in Iran (I know what you think..., but it's not like that:p), I've studied Software-Engineering as Bs and Informaiton-Technoloty as MSc in to hight reputation universities in Tehran (Tehran is our Capital city).

    You wana know waht I love best to do?
    first of all: sex
    second: strategic computer game (specialy C-C-Generals)
    third: doing java-applet (specialy over client-server and web-based apps)

    I came here to get aware of android and its market. I've hered that it is based on Java, so, I believe it's good to give my-self a chance to get success with android.

    Wish me luck friends.

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    Welcome to Android Forums KimiJava. I think you will enjoy the forums.
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