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I need proof of the original retail value of the IncredibleGeneral

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  1. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I was led to believe that Squaretrade will cover the cost of the warranty based on the coverage price that you paid ($600 in my case). However, looking through the terms, I noticed that they will only reimburse the purchase price of the phone, which means that I almost lose money by having the warranty. After contacting them, I was told that if I I could provide proof of the retail price of the phone, they would give me its retail price.

    I've been looking on google for some images, but the ones showing the $599 price are all thumbnail size for some reason. I was wondering if someone had a better image proving that price. The best things would be from Amazon, Verizon, or Best Buy. Thanks.

  2. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    Nevermind. There is a part on my receipt that shows the $400 discount for my 2 year contract. If they don't take that, I'll start filing complains with the BBB. Thanks for the potential help. :D
  3. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    I actually was curious as to what this company does so looked them up. You didn't really pay $400 - $600 for coverage did you? If you did why? I mean if you lost your phone it would cost about the same amount of money to buy a new one from Verizon or whomever off contract so this insurance in effect doesn't serve any real purpose in my opinion.
  4. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    Okay finally saw where tehy offer coverage on android phones for $124. I mistook their levels of coverage $400 -$600 for the cost of the plan. I also saw on their website where it says they only cover the price you paid but all their information leads you to believe they actually cover the cost of the phone if you had to buy it off contract.

    If they don't honor full price and if your contract specifically states that they will then filing a complaint with the BB is basically useless and a waste of time. Very few companys ever respond to their requests and all you will get is a nice letter saying the company didn't respond to their request for information. You are better off going through your States Attorney Generals Office and most have on-line complaint forms. However most times you still get the same results as the BB but a letter to a company requesting information from a States Attorney General is a little more intimidating.
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  5. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I never get any sort of extended insurance on anything, but I only paid $100 for the two years with accidental handling coverage. I have noticed that Squaretrade tends to respond to complaints against them on the BBB and resellerratings.com. I'll use that against them if they don't honor their contract. I'll keep your advice in mind should I have any problems. Thanks.
  6. eth555

    eth555 Member

    Let us know how this turns out for you. I have multiple Squaretrade warranties, and never had to use them yet, but would really like to know the outcome. TIA
  7. tmarr

    tmarr Well-Known Member

    You have to figure they are covering you for $124. If your phone broke WITHOUT the insurance, you'd be paying a nice $500-600 for a new phone because you wouldnt have a 2 year upgrade in that time frame.

    Also, do they require a deductible? If not, then you have no reason to complain. My sister has paid Verizon like $100 a year (idk the exact monthly cost) AND a nice deductible every time her phone has broken.
  8. tmarr

    tmarr Well-Known Member

    Also, why are they not just giving you a new phone? That is what most insurances do..
  9. bowerman

    bowerman Guest

    I have had square trade warranties before, and they will cover you for the retail cost of the phone. You should have the original receipt which shows the original price and what you paid. When a claim is made, they write you a check for the retail cost. Its a pretty good deal. They are a good company and aren't out to screw anyone. Provide them with what you were told to have when you purchased the warranty, and they will cover it.

    As far as the better business bureau, don't waist your time. They are a private company with no power. Might as well write them a bad review on Yelp. Its the same thing.

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