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i need some advice plsGeneral

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  1. spam bot

    spam bot New Member

    i have a ROOTED samsung galaxy pop-s5570 (thts the indian version) running on gingerbread 2.3.6 with PDA s5570DDKQ7
    i dont know what ROM to use or how to get it...i checked out yagya's website too but those need a different phone model..
    could you please suggest a ROM for my phone and its features? and also is a a way to increase internal memory as mine is only 181 mb(btw my sd card is sandisk 16 gb) what else can i do with root? and also what exactly is superuser?

    thnx in advance!:);)

    PS if i have made some mistake (like starting a new thread etc) pls notify me

  2. galmin

    galmin Well-Known Member

    you can search for updated ROMs at sammobile.com, then you can use odin to flash. there is a thread on xda website for increasing the memory, i use an 8gb card and my phones memory now shows 1gb

    you are using the s5570 not the s5570i ??
  3. spam bot

    spam bot New Member

    thanx... i think is it s5570 only thts wat is says on d box:)

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