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I need some help!!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION HERE!!!Support

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  1. Giankwang

    Giankwang New Member

    Okay i forgot to lock the screen when i put my phone into my pocket. then I don't know how the heck I bang or touched my phone when it's inside my pocket it goes to xrecovery, the worse part is that it goes system format when I took out just to have a look at it. :eek:

    i was too late when I discovered I selected it and then the whole thing goes reboot phone and it's stuck at the sony ericsson logo. T.T


    there's nothing that I can do!!!!!!!!!

  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    If you phone can go to xRecovery menu, why don't you just re-flash whatever Custom again?
  3. Giankwang

    Giankwang New Member

    I can't even get to xRecovery again.. whenever I start my phone it's stuck at SE logo until my battery finishes.
  4. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    when you restart your phone and see the SONY ERICSSON words on the screen just multi-click the <back> button to get to the xRecovery Menu
    go to <backup/restore><restore>

    if this does not work...

    <shutdown> Xperia X8 phone
    <launch> PC Companion on your PC
    <connect> phone to USB and repair your Xperia X8 software
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  5. cromok001

    cromok001 New Member

    i have same problem
    pleases anybody help me:(
  6. Giankwang

    Giankwang New Member

    Thanks dude! :)

    then can a p4 support pc companion?
  7. Giankwang

    Giankwang New Member

    Do what he says. :)
    Don't worry
  8. renz13

    renz13 New Member

    i have a same problem 2? did you fix yours?
  9. valchris

    valchris New Member

    what your problem???
  10. uzairyk

    uzairyk New Member

    I also have this problem.
    pc companion can not detected device and my phone can not start.xrecovery can not start.
    pls help me.

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