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  1. amorg777777

    amorg777777 Member

    Good Afternoon All,

    I am a "newbie" in the smartphone arena. I have a T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit II 4G phone (Pre-Paid). I have used it on my wi-fi signal in my house a couple of times. I just looked at my T-Mobile Acct and it showed that I had used 27 minutes of my allotted 100 min Pre-Paid card.

    I immediately call a CSR at T-Mobile and asked why was 27 min showing USED on my account. Because I only used my calls on my wi-fi (home) connection. She stated that the Wi-Fi calling feature is used ONLY to "enhance" my voice signal NOT instead of my voice signal. And that I will always get billed for all of my calls - EVEN if I am using my wi-fi connection. No one explained that to me prior to my purchase, other than it has feature called Wi-Fi Calling.

    Anyway - is there any Android app that works well AND will let me make (FREE) Voice calls over my unlimited DATA plan ??

    Any help and assistance will be greatly appreciated. TIA,

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Skype. Might not be perfect but free calls.
    Sounds criminal if the woman knows what she's talking about.
  3. Droid808

    Droid808 Active Member

    WIFI CALLING DEDUCTS MINUTES FROM YOUR PLAN AND IS NOT FREE. This is clearly stated when you start the tmobile wifi calling app.....

  4. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    Yes it is clearly stated before you use it. Also Skype calling is NOT free for all calling, but is cheap. There are ways to make free calls, but in my experience the call quality is horrible. If you look through this forum, there are threads that tell you exactly how to do this.
  5. tomyellowblue

    tomyellowblue Member

    Vonage just released an app called Vonage Mobile. It's kind of like Skype (free texts/calls to other Android/iOS phones running the app) without the video chat or computer features.

    Vonage Mobile

    For a "limited time" it lets you make free calls to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. They haven't said how long the free calls will last or what the price will eventually be. The rates for calling other countries look decent.

    I tried it out and the call quality was pretty good. The biggest problem is that it restarts itself automatically even after telling it not to. For now I've frozen it and will just unfreeze it as I need it.
  6. amorg777777

    amorg777777 Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to thank you all for your replys !!!

    I discovered late last night from a friend that "GrooVe IP - Google Voice VoIP" would work. So I purchased it last night from the android market place and installed it. And for the small price of $ 3.99, I must say it works fantasticly !!!

    Take care,
  7. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    Some people have better luck with this than others. I had also got this, seemed to work great AT FIRST, then nothing but problems, horrible call quality, no matter what I did to the settings.
  8. Droid808

    Droid808 Active Member

    Are people just cheap or broke, OR BOTH? If you want minutes why not get a unlimited plan... It seems to ME that a ton of people are investing a ton of time and money to find a way to get free calls, just buy a plan where unlimited calling is INCLUDED is what I do... After all it's a cell PHONE ....
  9. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    First of all BOTH...

    Second of all, if you can legally do this for free, why spend the money? YOU may have money to flush down the toilet, but I'm sure most of us don't, so when we can save a few bucks instead of just blowing it, we will.
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  10. mld91

    mld91 New Member

    I just bought my exhibit II a week ago. I am in love with this phone except that earlier today i realized that my youtube and online media sound is completley gone!?!? and today i tried outgoing calls and none of my friends or family were able to hear me but I could hear them perfectly IF i had them on speaker phone!?!?(aswell as for incoming calls). Now Ive considered re booting but i dont want to loose all of the data Ive downloaded since ive bought the phone. Any android geniuses out there willing to lend a piece of their brain on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  11. coyote1

    coyote1 Well-Known Member

    To each their own.

    I got this Exhibit II just a few weeks ago. I had not even had ANY device, tablet or phone. until now**. And I still don't want the cellphone! But wifey got me an iPad2 back in November, and I've had a blast making it into a VoIP phone via Talkatone. Between that and the Wunderlist app and the iPad's inadequate cameras and lack of pocket portability I chose to get the Exhibit II to enhance that unit. So I still don't have a cellphone, as long as I don't insert the SIM :D And even without the SIM it can make emergency calls, so I can have it as a safety in case I have an accident while bicycling or something. And as long as I'm within range of an open wifi, it functions just like a phone. I find it much more interesting and amusing to make it work that way. As you see, I'm using it mostly as a "small tablet" rather than a phone.

    **Amazing as that may seem, humanity got by just fine for millennia without cellphones.
  12. prabee

    prabee New Member

    why do we need voice call at all..why not just allow good quality data/wifi calling ?

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