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I Need someone to modify my ROM for me.

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  1. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    Pardon me if this is and outrageous idea.

    I have been trying to solve a problem and the ROM that came on my Samsung Galagy Note SGH-T879 (Tmobile Android version 4) is blocking the solution. Where would one go to hire someone who might modify my ROM for me?

    I'm not a programmer and beyond knowing it is the phone's OS, I know nothing else about ROM's.

  2. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    What exactly is the issue you're having?

  3. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    Thanks for asking; but, the issue has been explored exhaustively in this forum and others and the consensus is that standard Android versions beyond 2.3.? are blocking direct access to the hardware.
  4. Alex Ethridge

    Alex Ethridge Well-Known Member

    Just want to update this with more information about exactly what I wanted to do and how I resolved the issue.

    First off, the issue I was having was that I could not record the remote voice on a phone call within the phone. To be clear, the only way I could get both sides of a conversation was to use speakerphone. After several months of bantering to and fro in forums and beating my head against the wall and getting nothing but failure and frustration, I decided it was the stock version of Android on this Samsung Galaxy Note that was blocking direct access to the hardware. Several guys over at XDA Developers and other forums seemed to be of that opinion.

    I tried to find someone there who would modify my phone for me and in my months of frustration with this six-hundred-dollar, useless-to-me brick, I offered to ship the phone and a one-hundred-dollar bill to anyone who would. XDA closed the thread.

    Finally, after asking at several TMobile stores in my area, I got a suggestion to go to a repair center named PowerOn in Trussville, Alabama. The store owner said they don't do custom ROMs; but, suggested I could give the job to one of his employees as a private deal as long as I understood the store is not involved.

    I gave the job to A. W. He installed one ROM that did not work; but, I posted again in the XDA Developers forum and got a suggestion to use CyanogenMod 10. End of story. It worked.

    This confirmed the theory posited by users in other forums that it was the later versions of Android (above about 2.3.5) that was blocking the recording programs' direct access to the hardware on this particular phone (and maybe other phones).

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