I need step by step instructions for viewing netflix on an hd tv through hdmi cable from droid x 2Support

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  1. myrnawatson

    myrnawatson New Member

    I am in need of assistance on watching netflix from my droid x 2 on an hd tv using an hdmi cable. I have a charging station for the purpose of watching movies on my tv using my phone. If someone could post a step-by-step video for me that would be even better. Thanks for the help and I look forward to receiving it as soon as possible. I know this can be done but I am so baffled. :confused::eek:

  2. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    I was just about to figure this out myself, I just need to grab the cable.
  3. Moosemedic

    Moosemedic New Member

    Easy as pie,

    • down load the app.
    • sign in to netflix
    • plug your HDMI cable into the tv select the hdmi input you plugged your cable in on the tv (eg. HDMI 1 etc)
    • plug in your phone (micro hdmi slot under the power slot)
    • the scree on your phone will show up on the middle of your tv screen.
    • simply select the movie you want to watch and the screen view will flip on your tv filling the viewable area.
    • I would elect to plug your charger in too so you don't run out of power!

    i suggest for better viewing to use your home wifi. REMEBER that netflix is a streaming program and will eat up your data plan so dont use it off wifi unless you are on an unlimited data plan!

    I found the HDMI cable on ebay for $1.50 with $2.00 shipping a far cry cheaper than anything i found on the normal web shopping pages or local cell phone or electronic stores.

    same steps work for hulu+ and youtube.

    if you happen to have a vizio tablet you can follow the same protocol

    So thats that! Enjoy ya'll!
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  4. myrnawatson

    myrnawatson New Member

    My apologies...I meant to get back on here and post that I had figured it out and it worked wonderfully. Pretty much exactly as you describe...thank you so very much!
  5. anonymous-x

    anonymous-x Member

    this may sound goofy but spend $50 & get the ROKU. you'll get Netflix & so many more channels & music & weather... it's wireless from your modem, real easy.

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