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I need this calling card app or I cant use android!

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  1. mudking

    mudking Well-Known Member

    Is anyone interested in making a calling card app that business owners like myself could benefit from? I use google voice and ringcentral for my business and I need a good calling solution.

    I just want a calling card app that will intercept calls just like the Google Voice App, and ask me if I want to
    a.) dial call using direct dial (using my droids phone number, not a calling card)
    b.) calling card #1
    c.) calling card #2

    I would think it should support at least 10 calling card numbers. And a very important feature would be for it to add the number dialed to the call log, not the calling card number.

    Is this doable? I know I'd be willing to pay at least $25 for it and I have 2 droid X's. There's $50 in sales already! Anyone interested?

  2. GrumpyOne

    GrumpyOne New Member

    This suggestion would be great. There are apps that do some of this, but not quite all. The confirmation to select how each call will be made is the key thing missing. With Google Voice Callback (a great app), it does ask if you want to use a GV callback or just use a regular call. This is awesome, but is just part of the puzzle. It'd be nice to be able to select 1) use GV call back, 2) use calling card "x", 3) insert/delete the following dialing sequences. I have a service on my residential line, where when I call from my cell, it sends me to an IVR - where I can then input a passcode and dial any number (a DISA service), when I am in my local calling area inserting the digits and pauses would make this work.

    Now we could also take this to a whole new level adding SIP BROKER support and eNUM support. Sip Broker and eNUM have local dial-in numbers worldwide. I can dial into one of these (say I am travelling in Brazil), dial my VoiP provider's code and my phone number to be connected to home. I can alsoset this up to put me into the IVR mentoned above - after which I can dial any number without paying LD. If the app had an option to use eNUM/SB based on geography imagine the power. The phone can detect where it is, lookup to see if a local eNUM/SB access number exists, and route your call through this (automatically inserting the digits requried to access your service).

    Check out "Prefix Dialer", "Prefixer" and "Smart Caller" in the Android market. All close, but noe with 100% of the solution.
  3. mudking

    mudking Well-Known Member

    I don't use those services...... but after looking into it, you're right, that would be wonderful!

    I have yet to find anything that will do exactly what I need, but there are some options which get really close. I'll post back soon what I'm using once it's all figured out.
  4. micket

    micket New Member

    I am currently developing a Calling Card application. Its purpose was not meant to do all the things you were mentioning but I have the desire to drive it in that direction. Since I was looking for some features for the app, I thought registering in the forum might be a good idea.
  5. Sherwood

    Sherwood New Member

    I just uploaded the first version of my application on market - Phone Bridge (com.shdroid.bridge). The trial version is available as well.

    It's intercepting calls based on pre-configured settings and redirecting it via the bridge specified. if you specify multiple bridges for the same number, the last stored combination will be used. You can also use wild cards in order to setup multiple numbers for the same bridge.

    Phone Bridge will update call log and put the final destination number in, instead of calling card.

    What is missed - is explicit user confirmation when redirection happened. But Phone Bride notifies you by showing the message an vibrating a phone.

    It should not be a problem to add explicit user confirmation in the next version.

    Please try and see if it suits you needs. Any suggestions are welcome

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