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I need to download Google Talk... but can't get it off the marketplace...

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    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    I have had a problem with the android marketplace on my HTC tattoo since i got it at christmas where i can't download any apps and the progress just stops at 'starting download' -- i have tried factory resets, new google accounts, wifi and network etc. etc. but it still doesn't work.

    i have been looking at google help and some people have solved the problem by simply signing into the google talk application that comes standard on most android phones.

    my tattoo doesn't have google talk though and i have no way of getting it.

    So can anyone provide me with a link to download the file off a file-sharing website such as rapidshare?


  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    it doesnt have google talk?? Don't you have an app called Talk?
  3. curtix

    curtix Member

    yea it comes with the phone - well it should have?

    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    Well my phone didnt come with it... it didnt come with the facebook app either but luckily someone was able to share it via rapidshare and im hoping someone can do the same with talk.
  5. danieltdp

    danieltdp New Member

    Mine didn't came with gtalk either. It eludes me why google don't have their basic apps on the market. The funny thing is that the Motolora MB502 page states that it comes with gtalk!

    And before someone elses ask, no, the app is not there. I looked at the list a thousand times, used the search tool looking fot talk, gtalk, google talk, anything. Its not there
  6. ymss

    ymss Member

    I got erased it from my phone.. Is there anyway to get it back ?
  7. yenial

    yenial Member

    I'm the same, but I rooted my phone and then deleted talk and gmail cos I didn't use them. Now I'm having the download problem on the market (although some apps did update after I'd removed talk etc but now...nothing!)

    Anyone managed to get Talk yet?
  8. si3ge

    si3ge New Member

    my mom just got a brand new white droid2 and out of the box there is no "talk" application. my gmail avatar still syncs to my contact but if i send her a googletalk message she gets no type of notification. i cannot find anything under the name "talk" or "google talk". ive also searched the market and can find many other google apps but not google talk. why?
    i also tried to "Bump It" to her phone but could not select the app through Bump It's list.

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