I NEed to go into recovery mode!!!!!!

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  1. jacolonia

    jacolonia Member

    I have a Galaxy S Vibrant i installed a rom and my phone crashed I

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  2. kacol16

    kacol16 Well-Known Member

    why do you want to get into CWM so bad? cant you just odin?
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  3. jacolonia

    jacolonia Member

    because i want to restore my rom.

    i have a mac i tried to download odin but it didn’t work
    in other words i don’t know how to use odin
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  4. kamparperak

    kamparperak New Member

    Do this:
    Step 1.) Open Odin.exe and plug a usb cable to your computer that will connect to your phone (do not plug it in to the phone yet, just the computer)
    Step 2.) Hold down both volume buttons at the same time and while holding them down plug the usb into your phone. You should see a COM message show up in Odin.
    Step 3.) Leave all check boxes the way they are. Do NOT check the repartition box.
    Step 4.) Click the PIT button and select the 512.pit file
    Step 5.) Click the PDA button and select T959UVJFD.tar and then click Start

    you should be done with all this in 15-20 minutes.
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