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i root inspire 4g my brother pull the usb cable big problem help

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  1. jojosabz

    jojosabz New Member

    i root my htc inpire 4g using aahk i ddnt realize in the middle of rooting my younger brother pull the usb cable and now my phone cant boot up can anyone help me please.... ive already use mini-adb, is there any posibilities to fix this??

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    does the phone still boot into bootloader? if so,do this and list the output:

    you probably just need to an RUU.

    assuming you are on the latest build(with sense 3.0) then you just need to put the phone into fastboot,then download and run this utility on the PC:
    Shipped ROMs

    plug in the phone when directed :)

    if you are on the previous release build,you can use this RUU:
    Shipped ROMs

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